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Only Granary Bread For London’s Ducks Please

Only Granary Bread For London’s Ducks Please

The Regents Park must have the best fed ducks in London, there is always some do gooder feeding them their old mouldy bread. I couldn’t help but notice the old people today feeding them a loaf or two of white bread…WTF. If you ask me white bread is no better than junk food, I put it right up there with McDonald’s as must avoid things to eat.

I have personally headed down to the park with my girl to feed the ducks in the past and they seem to go berserk for wholemeal bread. Those ducks know what is good for them! I have watched them ignore the white bread and zoom straight for the good stuff and who can blame them!

In one of London’s free rags today there was an article regarding a mother and her two young children who had been ticked off by the parky for feeding the ducks white bread. The park warden had told them it was unhealthy for them and that it was like giving children chips with every meal. Poor ducks…believe it or not, eating too much white bread can give the duckies serious health problems.

Mr Parky, after he had finished ticking off the family…he told them to bring granary bread with them next time. And this goes to the mother, wholemeal or granary bread is so much better for you and your family than white bread. Do yourself, your family and the ducks a big favour and lay off the junk.

Have you ever wondered why the colour of white bread is…so white, when the natural colour of the flour taken from wheat is not? The flour used to make white bread has been chemically bleached. Yes indeed…I don’t think I need to say any more on the subject!

So people, when you go to the park this winter time to  feed those hungry ducks, do them a favour and give them, wholemeal or granary bread…


  1. I heard white bread can drive ducks quackers 🙂

  2. Hehe, bread has become such an issue in my household. I’m serious. We found out a few weeks ago that our oldest son is malabsorbing fructose. Who knew fructose was in nearly every kind of bread because it is in wheat flour. It is such a struggle to find bread without that ingredient. I hope these ducks enjoy their yummy bread.