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Once Upon A Time The Smallest Police Station In The World

Once Upon A Time The Smallest Police Station In The World

In the south east corner of Piccadilly Square in London, sits what was once upon a time the smallest police station in the world. It isn’t actually used as police station nowadays, hence why I say it was formerly the smallest as opposed to the actual smallest police station in the world.

I had passed this inauspicious looking wee structure numerous times, not realising that  in a former life that  it had been  used as police station, I suppose how would you know what it use to be, when there isn’t even tiny sign letting us know what it was. I think Mayor Boris needs to do something to make the millions of tourists that visit Trafalgar Square aware of this unique piece of London history.

Upon doing a wee bit of research I discovered that the Trafalgar Square, police station was originally an ornamental light fitting, which was installed in 1826. It was hollowed out in 1926 by Scotland Yard and an internal light and telephone were installed. There was only room for 1 police officer, who would call for assistance whenever there was any sign of trouble such as demonstrations or when  large groups of people congregated.

police station

This wee Police Station or Police Box to give its proper title, is now believe it or not a storage cupboard for Westminster Council Cleaners. What a joke that it is.

Whether the Trafalgar Square Police Box really was the smallest police station in London or even the  world, I haven’t got a clue, but never the less it is small. I know there is a police station in Carrabelle in Florida, that claims to be the smallest police station in the world. But it pretty much looks like a telephone box to me. That’s because it is a telephone box and it was once blown over by a hurricane, great stuff!

smallest police station

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  1. See. Further proof that Doctor Who is in fact based in reality.


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