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November 9 London Student Protest In Pictures

November 9 London Student Protest In Pictures

Today…November 9 I embarked upon another protest through the streets of London. The latest protest was organised by the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts and was attended by thousands of students, trade unionists, and a few punters like myself who are fed up living in a corrupt society.

According to the police 2000 protesters took part and according to the organisers there were 15,000 protesters marching through London. I think the police need to get real and buy some new calculators, because there was a hell of lot more than 2000 people taking part!

This latest protest was against the Governments outrageous cuts to education and public services. The only people suffering in Britain today are the poor, the working and middle classes. The 1%, the rich are laughing at the rest of us, those clowns who call themselves politicians, no matter what political party they represent are laughing at us.

The November 9 march began beside the University of London Union and ended at London Wall in the heart of the City, via Shaftesbury Avenue, Trafalgar Square, Fleet Street and the financial district. A truly great way to tour London…

I must admit I wasn’t going to go on the protest march today, but as soon as I heard the police were threatening to use rubber bullets I knew I had to take part. Those fuckers who sit in Parliament are tying every dirty trick in the book to scare people into not protesting. IT WONT WORK!

I don’t think I have ever seen so many police officers at any protest  in my life as I did today … I guess they weren’t taking any chances of letting the situation get out of control.  There were seemingly 4000 of them on duty today. The whole of the protest march route was teeming with cops. Every single side street was blocked off by burly police men and not so burly police woman,  and even vicious looking police dog handlers and their not so vicious looking police dogs! There were scores of  police officers on horseback, and quite a few helicopters monitoring things from above, and the icing on the cake there were dozens of undercover cops masquerading as protesters!

When the protest reached  St Martin-in-the-Fields church a group of about 100 protesters made their way down to Trafalgar Square and in about 30 seconds flat they had set up a campsite of 12-14 tents – pop up tents are the way to camp in the 21st century. From what I heard the campsite rebellion was crushed by the police within the hour!

I witnessed a couple of minor incidents today, which the police dealt with in their usual heavy handed, over the top way – in fact they are bordering on being brutal! But maybe the people that were arrested warranted brutal treatment … I don’t know!

Most of the protesters taking part were of course not there to cause trouble, they were there to protest legitimate grievances that they have against the parasites who govern us! The only way things will change in this country is by people protesting, and keeping on protesting, and on and on…

November 9 London Protest In Pictures


  1. At least your folks get it and are angry at the government.
    They aren’t getting it here they want redistribution of the wealth without working for it. Hand outs is what they want and don’t want to put any effort into anything. You folks are doing it right.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  2. Comedy Plus, people want a fair and just society and are willing to fight for it…

  3. Simply incredible photos William! Nicely captured.

  4. Emm, thanks…protests are always a great place to grab good pictures…