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Not So Spooky Graveyard Photo Gallery

Not So Spooky Graveyard Photo Gallery

Paddington Old Cemetery a place that I go to on a regular basis to chill and take things easy, it is my unofficial garden. A great place to escape from the hustle and bustle of life in London.

This is London and like many people I don’t have a garden where I live. I really miss not having a garden, but that’s life at the moment…and there is always an alternative, such as a park, canal and of course my personal favourite a graveyard. Who needs a garden in London Town.

I know for some people the thought of relaxing in the local cemetery is like wooh, that’s so spooky, all those dead people…no way. Such people are blind if you ask me and they need to open their minds and expand their horizons.

At the moment with all this good weather we have been having, Paddington Old Cemetery is full of life. The spring flowers of many different colours are popping through the ground, and the trees have finally awoken after what seemed like a never ending winter, as their green leaves have started to return. Every week the landscape changes, as some flowers die off, only to be replaced by others.

It seems that in every corner of my garden there are wild flowers appearing, in varying shades of red, yellow, purple, white, as well as those left by well wishers. And there are the birds flying about, squirrels running about and funny enough I haven’t seen any rabbits, I guess the foxes have eaten them. So much life in a place where people are laid to rest, so much colour in a place that is meant to be full of death.