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My Summer of London Exhibiton

My Summer of London Exhibiton

On Thursday evening I took a trip to Stratford, the place where much of the greatest ever Olympic games took place. The reason for my visit wasn’t to enquire about what is happening with the Olympic Stadium, but to take a look at  the ‘My Summer of London’ exhibition that is currently taking place at the Getty Images Gallery.

Earlier this year the London Living team announced a photography competition on Facebook looking for the best images captured in the capital during the unforgettable summer of 2012. Over 500 people submitted pictures taken on cameras and mobile phones, from which 25 were selected to appear in the exhibition. I know which was my personal favorite…

On display in the Getty Gallery are a captivating selection of images which bring the excitement and spirit of the London Summer of 2012 back to life. One or two of the featured photographs I would gladly place on my living room wall.

Get yourself along to the Getty Images Gallery located on The Street, Westfield Stratford City and check out ‘My Summer of London’ exhibition, you will be impressed. The exhibition runs until the 16 of December.

I doubt if we will ever experience another exciting event filled summer in London as we did in 2012, but never the less I’m great believer in the great things that lie ahead tomorrow, next week, next month and beyond. Right… where is my camera I need to get out there and start taking some pictures…