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My Garden Is Full Of Thousands Of Dead People

My Garden Is Full Of Thousands Of Dead People

Paddington Old Graveyard is somewhere I head to when I need a place to relax and unwind. It is quite possible the most relaxing place in all of London. It never gets over run with people and the next time I see a tourist in there will be the first time. And long may it continue…

I haven’t got a garden, which is probably a good thing, because of  the way some of the other people are in my building and how the landlord operates, it would be real fucking wilderness. It would be overrun with weeds, overgrown bushes and trees and there would be rubbish everywhere…and quite possible the budding gangster rappers down stairs from me would be out there smoking weed and I don’t mean the kind you find in the garden…

Not having a garden is something I truly miss on warm days and especially during those balmy summer evenings when all of life’s problems are solved with a few ice cold lagers and some warm evening air on my skin. Oh yes indeed. On evenings like that Primrose Hill or little Venice are a life saver.

But fear not who needs a garden when you have two good legs. London is a city that truly and unbelievable has an abundance of green spaces. Whether it’s parks, graveyards, canals and of course the River Thames you are never too far from some place that offers refuge from the masses of, people, cars and buildings that can make this city seem a touch on the claustrophobic side at times.

When I first moved into sunny Kilburn in North West London almost a year ago, wow have I really been here that long…I would wander around for hours scouting out the area, seeing what it was all about. And one fine day I stumbled upon Paddington Old Graveyard, which is only a 10 minute walk from where I live and since that day it has become my garden.

Paddington Old Graveyard is a hidden gem of calmness in Kilburn, where those in need of sanctuary and respite from big city life can escape too. Apart from the odd crazed dog that barks at anything that moves or the occasional presence of teenage lovers arguing over nothing, this place truly feels like it is miles from anywhere. And of course the thousands of dead people in my garden never make sound…!


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  1. This is great. i lived in London for 9 years and never knew about this graveyard. i lived in Highgate though.. Brompton cemetery is very cool too.
    Nice blog. I’ll come round when I miss Old Blighty.