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Message From the Invisible – London Protest In Pictures

Message From the Invisible – London Protest In Pictures

This morning at around 11.30am I arrived at Holborn tube station to show some support for  the ‘Message From the Invisible’ protest…the latest protest in London against the Eaton boys club and their sick cutbacks! The plan was to meet at the rendezvous point and then head to a secret location, which turned out to be Oxford Circus.

A group of wheel chair users chained themselves together across Regent Street and brought the traffic to a standstill for a couple of hours. There was also about 200 supporters who joined in the protest. The atmosphere was good with some live music, and I even did a podcast interview! Not even London finest boys in blue could bring themselves to create trouble on this occasion!

Today’s action was directed at the Welfare reform bill which the Government is currently in the process of trying to change… in order to save a few more bob! It has been claimed that 500,000 families could potentially lose their homes, and others will become imprisoned in them because of the loss of their Disability Living Allowance.

What kind of Government would strip away a few quid from disabled children, the severly handicapped, people with terminal illness, and severe mental health problems? What kind of Government indeed, one that bails out bankers, and lets huge businesses avoid paying tax! Cameron somehow found a billion pounds to help blow up half of Libya, but he can’t even find a few quid to help out those in society who really need it!

Message From the Invisible – London Protest In Pictures

Let me help the rich, out of touch men and woman of all parties to as to how they can save buckets loads of money, which in my humble wee opinion show that these cuts are all just a fictitious game. Get this country back on track…

  • Stop the rich parasites from laundering their dirty money in tax havens…make them pay their full share of tax!
  • Stop sending hundreds of million of pounds in foreign aid to countries like Pakistan and India. The politicians over there are stealing most of it!
  • Instead of making cut backs, start investing in creating jobs.
  • Bail out of the EEC NOW!
  • Get a grip on benefit fraud…multi millions of pounds are going to gangsters and parasites in Poland who are scamming the lax UK system!
  • Make Tony Blair hand over all those multi millions he has earned since he left office. Use it to open up some more mental health wards for all those soldiers who have fought in those illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and who are now totally fucked up form the horrors of war!
  • Hang all corrupt and incompetent bankers… that is just my bad sense of humour kicking in, don’t take me seriously!
  • And finally stop involving this country in Wars to help out the oil barons.

David Cameron does he  really know what ‘we are all in this together’ means I really don’t think he has a fucking clue!

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