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Memorial To Heroic Self Sacrifice – Real Heroes

Memorial To Heroic Self Sacrifice – Real Heroes

The Memorial To Heroic Self Sacrifice, which is located in Postman’s Park in the heart of the city of London is dedicated to those that died whilst saving or attempting to save others. For an insight into the history of a fantastic little park, Postman’s Park – Memorial Garden You Should Visit In London.

In Britain we love to remember and lavish praise on our Kings and Queens, Generals, Politicians and the rich and mighty through ever lasting monuments, statues, buildings and by naming streets after them. Ordinary people are normally forgotten about rather quickly, no matter how much good they have done. That is just the way of the world!

Famed Victorian artist and sculptor George Frederic Watts cared and hence the existence in London of the ‘Memorial To Heroic Self Sacrifice’, which commemorates the life’s of those who sacrificed their own life attempting to save others. Today I have decided to publish a random selection of plaques of those who died – real heroes. Would you be so willing to risk your life to help a stranger, a friend or family member?

Each and every time I visit the garden I spend time reading many of the ceramic plaques that adorn the wall under the roofed terrace. I’m not ashamed to say that it always brings a tear to my eye, reading about children, young men and woman, as well as adults who died saving or attempting to save friends, brothers, sisters or complete strangers.

One plaque in particular reminds me on my own very close encounter with death, when I nearly drowned in Barbados a few years ago. The particular  plaque was dedicated to John Cranmer, who died whilst saving life of a stranger and foreigner way back in 1901. That was me, I was saved by a stranger and foreigner, but thankfully no one, apart from myself was injured or hurt in my rescue.