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March For the Alternative In Pictures Part 2

March For the Alternative  In Pictures Part 2

March For the Alternative that happened on Saturday 26 March in London, was a photograph taking dream. I must have snapped about 300 images by the time I headed to the pub for the best known cure  to man, which was 6 very cold lagers and a delicious home made steak pie and all the trimmings. After  six hours on the road, I think I deserved it…don’t you?

I don’t think I have ever seen so many happy smiling faces on the streets of London, it was plain to see that there were plenty of people from out of town. This is London after all and the locals don’t smile often enough. A protester even got a big smile from one of the Queens Life Guards who was sitting proudly on top of his horse outside Horse Guards Parade, when he asked him to come join the protest…yes indeed.

As expected the Tory’s and Lib Dems are defiantly telling anybody that will listen to them, that Saturday’s protest wont change anything. Time will tell….

March For the Alternative in Pictures Part 2 and you can enjoy Part 1 right here.

I would just like to finish off by saying the BBC ‘Have Your Say’ section on their web site is a bad joke, who they trying to kid! The mainly pro Tory and Lib Dem comments and anti protest march comments have obviously been written by paid stooges of the Government. They must be getting worried…