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Mad Man On The Roof

Mad Man On The Roof

I was wandering down Kilburn High Road last night heading home, after an enjoyable evening at the Courvoisier The Future 500 event, when I noticed in the distance what looked like a mad man on the roof of a bus shelter. I was feeling sober, but then I thought maybe those Courvoisier drinks that I had been enjoying earlier were stronger than they tasted. Or perhaps the unbearable heat that I had just suffered on the tube journey home had made me delirious.

As I got closer to the bus shelter there was definitely a mad man on the roof. I thought hell this is Kilburn, it is just a normal every day occurrence. I could see people walking as far away from the bus shelter as they possible could when they walked past it. From a distance it looked like the fucker was peeing on people, there was liquid splashing from the roof.

When I got to a few feet from the bus shelter I needn’t have worried, for the mad man on the roof was only someone cleaning it. He was furiously brushing the roof and water was splashing everywhere. I had to carefully dodge the water he was spraying everywhere as I walked past, he wasn’t stopping for nobody. If you got soaked that was your lookout.

A woman pushing a pram, asked him to stop to let her past, the mad man mumbled something in Polish and after 30 seconds he eventually halted production…Just another night in the epicentre of the world Kilburn…