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Mad London Bus Driver With A Big Dog

Mad London Bus Driver With A Big Dog

A dog is considered by some men to be their best friend … each to their own is what I say. I don’t know if the mad man I see most mornings taking his 1 year Rottweiler for a walk around Grange Park in Kilburn regards his dog as being his best friend or not. What I do know, if I was that Rottie I would have my huge jaws around his neck and I wouldn’t let go until he shut the hell up.

Grange Park at around 9.30am is a fairly peaceful sanctuary. There is usually between 10 and 20 people exercising, relaxing or walking their dogs in what isn’t the prettiest park in the world, but never the less it does what it was created for. Each morning like clockwork Mr Mad Man arrives with his best friend. Just like clockwork, as the happy couple get closer to the park gates, the dog starts to get excited and attempts to drag his owner forward … what follows is a lot of very loud swear words directed at the dog. Everyone at the outdoor gym discreetly laughs – the equipment is kinda naff but I like to use the chin up bar and the dipping station which do give you a good work out.

Mr Mad Man takes his big dog for only one measly lap of the park – it should be ten at least. And it is the same story every day, he constantly shouts and swears very aggressively at the poor dog. The dog needs to be properly trained and I’m afraid Mr Mad Man isn’t up to the job! The Rottie wants to run around and play with the other dogs. I personally think if Mr Mad Man was to let his best friend off the lead, he would be looking for a new best friend!

Mr Mad Man looked like a typical drug dealer. He looked like a crazy fucker, the beard, the clothes and of course the big dog. And to round things off he is very aggressive, well he is to his best friend, his dog! I was convinced Mr Mad Man was a drugs dealer. In fact if I would have betted on it!

There I was walking along Kilburn High Road at  around 11am this  morning and who did I walk past but the Mad Man and he was dressed in his First Bus drivers uniform … WTF! I was convinced he was a mad drug dealer … but I was wrong he is a mad bus driver. Mr Mad Man, is actually Mr Mad Man Bus Driver, and as most members of the public are fully aware there are plenty of unhinged bus drivers out there on the roads of London!

Another tale from the Wandering Scotsman of life in rough around the edges Kilburn, London. A place where a mad bus driver treats his best, and quite probably only friend like he is nothing but a piece of crap!