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Looking For Sex On London Is Cool

Looking For Sex On London Is Cool

Now and again I will take a peek to see what search terms people are using to arrive at ‘London Is Cool’. As my regular readers will be fully aware and there are quite a few of you…that this blog is all about me, yours truly William K Wallace ‘the Wandering Scotsman’ and my adventures around London, along with some ramblings on whatever rocks my boat. It is most definitely not a sex blog.

Last night at around 2am – I was suffering from insomnia…again – I decided to take a look at who was visiting my blog from the UK in the wee early hours of the morning. Call it curiosity.

What I found was quite shocking, people looking for – Polish girls in London for sex, Prostitutes in Kilburn, transsexuals in London, teen girls in London and even someone seeking a huge booty to name but a few. It was like London Is Cool had suddenly become a haven for the sexually frustrated deviants of the world.

I feel that the sex seekers wouldn’t have found what they were looking for on London Is Cool, things would have been a tad bit on the tame side for them. I guess sex really does make the world go around…

Listed below is the search term used by the pervert to arrive at ‘London Is Cool’ and the article that would have sadly left them feeling even more frustrated.

Teen girls in London – Teenagers Running Wild In West London | What Can We Do?

polish girls in London for sex – An Offer You Can’t Refuse – Cheap Sex

transexuals london – Is London The World Capital Of Transsexuals

London transsexual escort –  Crazy Transsexual Running Through Trafalgar Square

London bunny girl – The Gorgeous and Busty Bunny Girl Has Returned

huge booty – Almost Squashed By The Biggest Booty In London

prostitutes kilburn- Accosted By A London Hooker High On Crack Cocaine

sexy naked Colombian girls – Heavenly Rum Girls From Colombia

London Is Cool is a blog about real life in London and I guess sex is very much part of real life, but talking about it is something I will leave for those sex bloggers, who quite probably don’t quite get enough!


  1. Brilliant mate, I’m off to my analytics stats to see what I can find.

  2. If I was to turn ‘London Is Cool’ into a sex site my traffic levels would go ballistic…

  3. I went to kilburn to see if prositutes are there or not, but i didnt found any thing, kilburn high road is a busy road and i was there around 12:30 and it was too busy, no chance of having prositutes on these busy roads.
    it might be the case the person who post the article have meet it occationaly, but kilburn is not area for prositutes.

    if there is than it should be on the main road, as it is too busy

  4. na85, I guess when the hookers make an appearance on Kilburn High Road depends on how desperate they are for a fix. They are not there often, but I have seen them going about late at night, and even on a Saturday aftrernoon…