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London Tube Station Cut Backs, True Or False

London Tube Station Cut Backs, True Or False

London Underground, you either hate it, or hate it. It is expensive, overcrowded and broken. And on top of that there are the constant strikes to contend with. I may be in the minority on this one, but as much as the strikes are a pain in the bottom, I personally agree with them. Yes indeed!

As far as I can make out the recent wave of strikes has been about Transport For London’s plans to reduce the levels of staffing at stations during quieter times of the day. I think this is a major safety and security issue. All to save a few bucks, that is what it is all about!

From reading the free daily rag this morning, it is alleged by Bob Crow, the Union leader for Rail Maritime and Transport, that 76 tube stations will be unstaffed at certain times of the day due to the planned cutbacks. Crow claims these figures come from London Undergrounds own documents. London Underground on the other hand claim Crow is scaremongering and that all stations will remain staffed at all times.

The Union and LU both seem to be reading from a different script. Someone is lying. Both have their own agendas and I don’t trust either party!

In the lead up to Christmas we had runaway trains on London Underground and now we have the very real threat of terrorist attacks. The underground is a prime target! It seems to me that less staff on our tube network is a recipe for disaster. And anyway I have been at numerous stations out in the suburbs and it already seems like some of those stations are unstaffed!

Either some tube stations are going to be left unstaffed at certain times of the day or they aren’t. Which is it? Mayor Boris Johnson and Transport For London are categorically saying that no station will remain unstaffed at any time. The planned changes for reducing the level of staffing at certain stations comes into effect on February 6.

Time will tell and if it turns out some stations are left unstaffed someone must be legally liable and that means you Mayor Boris Johnson! I’m sure LU and Boris are aware of the power of social media and how easy it will be to find unmanned stations and bring it to attention of the masses!

The final word on this subject is that Mayor Boris Johnson and London Underground management have promised that no station will remain unmanned during opening hours! I guess time will tell…



  1. I have been to some stations where it was unstaffed. It’s not even far – Caledonian Road Tube station. Either that or the only staff was at the loo.

    He was standing by the gantry looking pretty bored when I return two hours later. While I can’t say he would be much help when it comes to terrorists threats but it is sure comforting when nightfalls. Let’s hope that Boris keep to his word.

  2. That’s it, when it gets dark, having a visible London Underground staff member on duty is comforting and I feel it also acts as a detterant for some of the nutters.

    I think the only member of staff was probably sleeping or on facebook!