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London Picture of the Week: Music

London Picture of the Week: Music

The English tabloid press were full of it before the football match between England and Ireland, which took place at Wembley on Wednesday evening. The daily trashy press were of course hoping and praying for trouble. There was of course no trouble. In fact the atmosphere before, during and after the game was good humoured and friendly…

As I walked to the turnstyle an announcement came over the tannoy. No musical instruments were allowed inside Wembley Stadium. No problem for me, I didn’t happen to have a guitar or trumpet on me. If I did I would have probably been arrested for making a noise!

No sooner had I walked into Wembley Stadium when I stumbled upon a group of six English supporters playing an assortment of musical instruments, whilst a smaller group of Irish dancers did a jig. I guess they must have concealed the instruments in their pockets.

The music was good, the dancing was good and the craic was even better. Wish I could say the same about the boring football match I watched…