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London Picture of the Day – Great Eastern Street Graffiti

London Picture of the Day – Great Eastern Street Graffiti

Having been out of the loop for a few days – I was in Stoke-In-Trent, a very friendly and beautiful place to be – what better way to get back to reality than with a piece of wondrous London graffiti, which I found whilst aimlessly wondering the streets of Shoreditch. Today’s picture of the day is a close up of a piece which was created by Probs x Will Barras.

As most of my regular readers will be quite aware, my mantra is fuck guided tours, fuck maps, and fuck having a set agenda. I like to just get out there into an area and just walk down the various streets, roads and lanes and seeing what turns up. When I’m out and about on an adventure there is no rush … so what if I get lost, that’s when I invariable find something that grabs my attention.

London ‘Picture of the Day’ can be found on the Bishopsgate end of Great Eastern Street and it is part of a series of 4 separate graffiti murals. Each of which looks mightily I impressive. Go check them out of if you get the chance. Street art is the quite possible the most happening and exciting art that you will find in London.

Hopefully next time I head over to Great Eastern Street the graffiti pieces by Probs and Will Barras has been replaced by something new and fresh! Not that I don’t like what I see, because I love it, but because the same graffiti pieces shouldn’t adorn a wall for months … that’s when it becomes just as boring as those advertising banners! If you get what I mean!


  1. Hey dude – glad you liked it – we are always trying to keep it fresh. Check the new walls – thay just got battered.


  2. Hey Probs, I will have to take a trip along to check it out…awesome!