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London Picture of The Day – Frozen Lake

London Picture of The Day – Frozen Lake

London picture of the day was taken during a rather chilly winter time walk I embarked upon in the park last week. I think the frozen over image of St James Park lake gives an indication as to how cold it was! It was chapping!

Anytime I walk over the pedestrian bridge which goes across the lake in St James Park I can never resist stopping and taking a couple of pictures. The views are amazing. The water, trees and the old buildings around Horse Guards and of course the London Eye in the distance makes for a stunning picture. And above all else it is a great place to chill out for bit!

King James I, he kept a selection of exotic animals in St James Park during his reign, which included camels, crocodiles, elephants and aviaries of exotic birds. Fortunately the famous pelicans are as exotic as it gets nowadays!


  1. I love these shots and brings back memories, my dad used to take my brother and i over too St James’s park on a sunday sometimes when we were kids as we lived within walking distance (no not in the palace lol).

    Anyway i always remember on a particularly cold winter the lake was frozen over and people were ice skating on it, seeing them shots i thought of that time straight away.

    I think St James’s park is so underrated

    Have a nice weekend William

  2. The ways things are going at the moment, there could be some ice skating going on in St James park very soon.

    It sure is a great park to chill out at, and a great place to escape the craziness of central London.