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London Owed 50 million Quid

London Owed 50 million Quid

Oh boy I read yesterdays news today! I just never got around to reading the free London daily rag until today! And it seems that London is owed an unbelievable 50 million pounds, yes indeed 50 million nicker in unpaid congestion charge fines, by 150 embassies. Un-fucking-believable!

It seems that outstanding penalty charges go as far back as 8 years, so for once I can’t totally pin this one on the Mayor of London Boris Johnson. The bottom line is that if these embassies who are supposedly representing their country in the UK, had paid the congestion charges they were supposed to pay at the correct time, they wouldn’t be owing the people of London anywhere near what they do!

Diplomats from the various embassies are claiming that the charge is a tax and therefore they have immunity. The truth of the matter is that it is a service charge and not a tax, so they are liable to pay it. We will tell them what it is, not the other way around.

Seemingly three quarters of all embassies in London do actually pay the charge. What I can’t understand is why Boris is refusing to contact the heads of states of each country, I think that would be the best route to take and the best way to get a result. And just for the record British diplomats have to pay to use  toll roads abroad, and yes we have got some class and we do pay!

The top 5 countries who are refusing to pay and how much they owe are as follows:

  • USA – £4.9 million
  • Russia – £4.3 million
  • Japan – £3.5 million
  • German – £3.4 million
  • Nigeria – £2.5 million

I know there is a recession going on but, what is owed is nothing but ‘chicken feed’ as Boris would put it! I will finish off with my favourite word, KARMA. Yes indeed what we sow,  does come back to bite us all in the ass at some point.


  1. I didn’t think these people paid any traffic anything. Diplomatic immunity or something or other. The laws don’t apply to them. I think this is so very wrong. If you owe then pay. I find politics very distressing. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  2. Pay up or get out I say!!! I remember hearing in the past of a number of diplomats here in Australia who were pulled over for speeding, being way over the blood alcohol limit etc & because of the stupid diplomatic immunity rule were let off scott free. Live in another country & you should be accountable to that country’s laws. No exception should be an international standard

  3. Comedy Plus, I think some of them have started to see the light are paying up.

    Tony, diplomatic immunity is a crazy thing. If they break the law they should be held accountable.