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London: On The Protest Against…

London: On The Protest Against…

On Saturday afternoon – seems like such a long time ago – I headed into Central London for a wee wander, an adventure! My day would involve craft beer, street food, dodging Roma pickpockets – I really detest those scum bags – and a protest or two!

After taking  too many wrong turnings  I eventually managed to locate the Boots shop on Victoria Street, where a small but enthusiastic bunch of protesters from UK Uncut were congregated. Boots have seemingly avoided paying over £1b in tax since 2007; a claim which the company denies – they always do!

I personally think the Government and big business are in it together! They look after each other. Companies get away with tax avoidance, because the politicians allow them too!




Tax is for the little people… What chance have we got, when the Prime Ministers own father was a tax dodger!

Just when I was getting ready to head to the market for some Somerset Cider, a “wee bird” told me there was another protest planned. Ten minutes later I was watching campaigners from the Disabled People Against Cuts setting up camp outside Westminster Abbey. This protest was against the governments closure of the Independent Living Fund. A good cause which deserves support!

There never seems to be a shortage of police officers in London when there is a protest going on… I aint seen one walking down my local high street for months!






The only way, this Government of rich boys and girls – or any government – will listen, is if those who vote them into power force them to do something! More people need to get off their lazy asses and get on protests. Shout and scream until the f**king parasites wake up and listen!