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London Is Offered A Gift Horse From The Chinese

London Is Offered A  Gift Horse From The Chinese

Yesterday I read with great interest that the Chinese Telecoms giant Huawei have supposedly offered to install a mobile phone network on the London Underground for free of charge. A £50 million gift from one Olympic nation to another…I never knew the Chinese were so generous.

The prospect of having to listen to some loud mouth yapping away on their mobile phone on the tube is not something I personally want to experience. It is bad enough listening to some total bore telling the world about what they did last night on the bus. Who cares, and why do they always have to talk so loud about their boring life’s?

It was only last week we learned that the majority of cyber attacks in the world stem from China…yes indeed. And to make things more interesting, seemingly many of those attacks are state sponsored. The Chinese Government are reputed to employ thousands of hackers. Just like I’m sure the British, USA, French German and many other countries all around the world do.

The Mayor Boris Johnson says that he is not personally worried about security issues. If Boris says so, I guess we have to put our minds at ease! I hope the prospect of a free 50 million pounds gift from one Olympic nation to another – yeah right – hasn’t blinded TFL and the Mayors Office!

Mobile phone access on London Underground is a double edged sword. It would enable terrorist’s to detonate bombs remotely, and of course it would also be useful for emergency purposes, such as in the event of a terrorist attack! And the icing on the cake, are the Chinese really offering this out of the kindest of their hearts or is there something more sinister going on…

Anyway, do we really need mobile phone access on London Underground? I think not!



  1. Nothing is free. Nothing. There’s a reason for this gift as they call it.

    As for the bores that talk so loudly on their cells phones. It’s because their lives are boring. This is their attempt to make it look like they are popular. We have the same ilk here.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  2. Yeah, I agree that nothing is free! But I would just looove 3G or wifi access on the tube.

  3. Comdey Plus, I find those loudmouths funny people. In fact I’m sure some of them talk to themselfs…

    Emm I personally find sitting on the tube without any connection of any kind is a perfect break from the stuff. It gives my eyeballs a break from staring at a screen. And anyway people watching is fun…

  4. Do they still have that one child rule in China? Maybe one of those Chinese spies that is reading this can answer it!

  5. Honey, as far as I’m aware the one child rule is still in force. A huge human rights issue if you ask me, but lets forget about that when we can sit on a tube connected to the world….We love you China!

  6. Please let’s not go there – we’ll be deafened by people screaming down their phones over the din of the trains themselves… I’m dreading it quite frankly

  7. Oh you know what, the Philippines is home to hackers too, only most of them are unknown.
    Me too I hate people who talk loudly on their phones in public….hate it, hate it, hate it.

  8. bingkee, it sure is annoying having to listen to someone talking incessintly loud on their phone.

    The Londoneer, it is going to be a bit of nightmare…and it is only a matter of time until it becomes a reality.