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London Is Cool

London Is Cool

London is a cool city to live in and my aim of the London Is Cool blog is to show the world that this city is an amazing place to live in and that it is the true capital of the world. For me no other city on the Planet has a buzz or offers so much fun and excitement as London does.

For me London is a far more happening, culturally diverse and historic city than New York and it offers more than that other great city of the world known as Paris, we all know the biggest down fall of that city and that is they speak French! But in saying that is English even the main language of London anymore? When I was recently living in Shepherds Bush, it seemed like the English language was a foreign language! London Is Cool and I hope to eventually develop this blog into something that is worthy of  such  a cool city.

Join me as I venture out and about in London bringing to the world my unique  and cool perspective on life in the Big Smoke. I may be a Scotsman in London, but this city feels  more foreign to me than when I was living in Barbados. Strange but true! Barbados was a cool place to live, but London Is Cooler.

London has been a huge learning curve for me since my arrival in Febuary 2009! I have faced many obstacles, including the difficulties of having to find a decent place to live and having my goods stored in a self storage container for weeks,  as well as getting use to finding my way around this huge and crazy city.  The coolness of  London is something that I never truly appreciated untill I started actually living here.

London Is Cool, sure as heck is starting out as a wee seed, but you know something it is going to grow to into a huge and renowned name relating to London. How cool is London, well you will have to read my blog on a regular basis and even better why don’t you pay the world capital of Coolness a visit and find out for yourself.

Stay cool and stay tuned into what is happening in London with me, your’s truly William K Wallace the host of  London Is Cool.


  1. I was there in the 70’s and loved it. The movie I mentioned on Loose Leaf had a link to the trailer, it’s called Babies.

  2. I love this city so much having lot of beautiful places to visit.

  3. Fully agree, love london and its amazing diversity within cultures and business.

  4. Hi,

    I do love London – I even love hearing the word “London”, it sends a little shiver down my spine.

    I’ve written a detailed account of how I’ve taken to this city and what I both love and hate about it.

    I would love to hear any thoughts on the article which can be found here : http://applematt.org/life-in-london.

    I’ll be following you closely, and if you ever want to collaborate on an article, then all the better!


  5. hi…..
    is my first time to visiting your site….wow is a greats site and your informtion is very good, if you have a time come visiting me too, i hope we can make a friend in another story

  6. London is an amazing city which I just adore. I came here on a 3 week vacation and decided that it was going to be my new home. I love your irresistible enthusiasm! Cheers!

  7. London sure is a great place to be. It seems to have hooked me in good and proper…

  8. wow, just gorgeous. You live in a beautiful place.

  9. Over from Wordless Wednesday.

    I would love to visit London someday. I shall too.

    Have a terrific WW. 🙂

  10. You have a really nice blog and I’ve enjoyed looking around

  11. I wish to go to London.. because of the great architecture works you can see here. Plus the fact that there are a lot of history to learn in this city.. hope someday I could go..

  12. Very nice site, we at Good Lookin London think london is Great too. (:

  13. London sounds like a really cool place to visit, but don’t know if I d want to live there…

    Like just looking the pictures you post, and reading about it.

  14. It doesn’t get any cooler than London, best city in the world bar none.

  15. Been there and it was like my second home when I studied in Scotland 15 years ago. There are new addition like the Eyes. Hope to visit one day

  16. I’ve never been to London but would love to visit some day. I come from a very small town and there is never much excitement around here.

  17. If London is cooler; Aberdeen must be the coolest! Ha ha…
    You’re not alone in London, cos Annie is here. 😉

  18. Aberdeen is beyond cool at times, freezing more like it.

    In fact I went went to the same school as Annie did back home in Aberdeen…

  19. london is even better when you’ve come from the countryside @ann… check this out: http://kateinthecountryside.blogspot.com/2011/02/village-of-london.html

  20. kate, it must a huge shock coming from the countryside to live in a crazy city like London…

  21. This is where you live, WOW very nice. Lots to do and I bet a great place to visit.

  22. When I was twelve I had started to love London! I love it more than the whole wide world! Everything is amazing there! The people, the fashion, the language the architecture…my aim is it to live there forever but one negative thing what London haves is:the cost! Its a bit expensive there but I think if you want to achieve something you can do it too!
    Greetings Asena

  23. Of course london is cool!!!

    I left you just 3 pictures of…


  24. London is a VERY cool city, up there with New York certainly and if I had to live anywhere else it would be London

    Craig Belshaw
    Actor, New York

  25. Craig, I have never been to NY, but one of these I’m going to get myself over there for an extended break so I can really soak up life there…

  26. One of my dreams – walking in London!
    Soon ! I really hope that!
    Congratulations for this great site!

  27. i moved to London last summer and absolutely adore the city!
    Lived in San Francisco for a few years and i would say that both London and SF are in my top 5 cities in the world.

  28. London sure is an amaizng city that is full of life, fun, excitment and advenure.

  29. I live in Paris and am considering moving to London. But have heard a lot about it being too expensive than Paris. Would be glad if some one could compare Paris and London so that I am better prepared. Sure English is a massive advantage. Have also heard that there is lot racisim, how far is that true.

  30. London is indeed an expensive city to live in, especially so for renting some place to live and transport costs. For an insight into costs, the best thing would be to type in UK price checker or something along those lines in Google and you will find out the costs of mostly everything. But everything is relevant to how much you’re earning!

    London quite probably one of the least racist cities in the world.

  31. I feel London is the best city.. Too much interesting places here.. I hope i can visit London any time..

  32. Неплохо

  33. I adore London , England and British accent. I love British humor and Monty Python could adopt me no problem ! (even post mortum).

    Currently in Italy, but as soon i get enough funds ill permanently move to London !

  34. Hi, everybody

    I was looking in google about how the life in London then I saw ur site, I loved the things what ur saying, but I truly wanted to know it is difficult for me to come and work there? I am Jordanian girl I am applying for a job as a Receptionist in London but I have no idea how is the life going to be there? And I am thinking to bring my young brother to work and my old mother any advices for me!

    Looking to hear from every one as I need to develop my english as well, I’ve been working in Dubai for 12 years but the life become harder than before and I can’t find a good job here, and how much the salary that will make me live a decent life in London a long with young brother and old mother? any advices! And how is the weather in there?

    Looking to hear from every body,


  35. I love to go to that place someday. It’s one of my dream place to visit.

  36. wha oooooooooooooooooh amazing when i visit ur site very informative and knowledgeable site really i am very enjoy when i was reading new words plz continue this site

  37. imran khan, glad to have you stopping by…I try my best to bring London Town to life through my blog……

  38. Cool city and a cool blog. I have visited London many times.

  39. Baz, you are correct…well said!

  40. London is the best city in the world…I have traveled this planet extensively, and London is amazing..Who ever says NYC is better needs to go to London, I have been to both several times, NYC is good, but London is 100x better

  41. Will, London is indeed a great city, but alas the greatest city in the world is in fact Aberdeen….

  42. London is indeed a very cool place. There are so many places to go so many things to do and I indeed love the culture and the way of living there. I have spent 2 years as exchange student in London and I loved it. I promised myself when I am done with my studies I will definitely settle down in London

  43. nice blog keep it going


  44. Sunil, thanks and I aint stopping yet…

  45. London Is Cool is sometimes the greatest city in the world… make of that what you will!

  46. Brian, I know what you mean!

  47. London is so cool! It’s always so exciting whenever I’ve been.
    Definitely moving there after university.

  48. Rachel, London is definitley that has it all and a great place to live… for sure!

  49. Hi Will, I am coming to London in Dec, I knw it will cold, any tips?
    Also if I enjoy all what London has to offer I will consider immigration. However I have read a lot of negative press reports on racism against Indians, having not come from India and of Western Culture how bad is the racism there? Please advise as I do want to give my teenage daughter a great education and good lifestyle which we are accustomed to and a healthy environment to grow up in . Tx u 🙂


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