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London Is Cool Driven Hard To Insanity

London Is Cool Driven Hard To Insanity

Saturday evening it all went horrible wrong. My laptop fucked up big time. I had just finished doing a bit of cleaning up of unwanted files on my system. You know how it goes, for the cleaning process to work you have to restart your computer. I shut down my laptop and then switched it back on to make sure everything was working as it should have been.

I was in the process of getting myself smelling sweet and looking good for the The Creators Project event at Victoria House. So I was doing a few things at once. I had one eye on the mirror, half an eye on where I was spraying the aftershave and half an eye on the laptop. Out of the corner of the half an eye that was watching my computer screen, I noticed all was not well. WTF…

A horrible message appeared at the top of my screen, A disk read error occurred, press CTRL + ALT + DEL to restart. I can do that…But each time I pressed CTRL + ALT + DEL it just kept taking me to the same place. WTF…I had been buzzing getting myself ready for a night of free drink, music and art courtesy of some of the world’s leading innovators. My good mood was destroyed in a flash WTF.

My laptop going down wouldn’t normally be too much of a pain. However, my African Princess and honorary member of ‘Team Kool’ is back home on holiday for a couple of weeks, with my other laptop. Normally I would have logged onto the other laptop and eventually figured out, after a lot of pain and tears how to fix things.

London Is Cool, the best blog in London’s blogosphere and me, yours truly William K Wallace the living legend, well in my own mind was been driven to the edge of insanity. How was I now meant to be able to go and enjoy The Creators Project knowing I was out of action. The only saving grace was that if the worst came to the worst and my hard drive was totally fucked up I had everything of any great importance saved onto disk.

Because I’m a true professional as far as blogging is concerned and because London Is Cool is a blog that is constantly seeking inspiration I couldn’t not go to The Creators Project, no matter how messed up my mind was. It wasn’t the end of the world, it wasn’t the end of ‘London Is Cool’, it would hopefully only be temporary setback…

How did London Is Cool, get back up and running without too much pain and with a little help from the professionals…You will have to stay tuned in…Down But Not Out In London.