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London Is Cool

London Is Cool

London is a cool city to live in and my aim of the London Is Cool blog is to show the world that this city is an amazing place to live in and that it is the true capital of the world. For me no other city on the Planet has a buzz or offers so much fun and excitement as London does.

For me London is a far more happening, culturally diverse and historic city than New York and it offers more than that other great city of the world known as Paris, we all know the biggest down fall of that city and that is they speak French! But in saying that is English even the main language of London anymore? When I was recently living in Shepherds Bush, it seemed like the English language was a foreign language! London Is Cool and I hope to eventually develop this blog into something that is worthy of  such  a cool city.

Join me as I venture out and about in London bringing to the world my unique  and cool perspective on life in the Big Smoke. I may be a Scotsman in London, but this city feels  more foreign to me than when I was living in Barbados. Strange but true! Barbados was a cool place to live, but London Is Cooler.

London has been a huge learning curve for me since my arrival in Febuary 2009! I have faced many obstacles, including the difficulties of having to find a decent place to live and having my goods stored in a self storage container for weeks,  as well as getting use to finding my way around this huge and crazy city.  The coolness of  London is something that I never truly appreciated untill I started actually living here.

London Is Cool, sure as heck is starting out as a wee seed, but you know something it is going to grow to into a huge and renowned name relating to London. How cool is London, well you will have to read my blog on a regular basis and even better why don’t you pay the world capital of Coolness a visit and find out for yourself.

Stay cool and stay tuned into what is happening in London with me, your’s truly William K Wallace the host of  London Is Cool.


  1. Roshe73, take lots of warm clothes, a good thick rain jacket. A warm hat, scarve and gloves are essential. If you dress properly for the cold it wont effect your enjoyemnt of London. I personally don’t think racism is a major problem in London, but just like any major city in any country in the world there are people who are racists!