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London For Motorcyclists: What You Need To Know

London For Motorcyclists: What You Need To Know

London, with its great network of roads connecting every corner of the city, is a motorcyclist’s dream. Unfortunately, according to the latest press release by the British Motorcyclists’ Federation, there are only two kinds of riders in London: those that have already crashed and those that are on their way to crash. Though this observation seems harsh to many motorcycle aficionados, motorcycle insurance agencies in the metropolis have reported an increase in the claims from bike crashes during the past decade.

How are you to stay safe on the road? Skim through our tips and while they are not the “be-all and end-all” of bike safety precautions, they’ll definitely push you in the right direction.

Wear appropriate gear

A helmet is crucial when you drive. Additionally, wear padded gloves on your hands to keep them protected in cases of nasty collisions. If it’s summer, you would want to consider ventilated clothing and sun screen. Winter would warrant layered outfits to keep you warm and shielded from snowflakes. You can also buy bespoke motorcyclists’ trousers and apparel with a CE certification, which is a European standard. Wear bright clothes to maintain visibility during bad weather.

Get motorcycle insurance

No matter how meticulously you prepare for bike safety on the road, unexpected crashes happen. To compensate for the damages to both you and your bike, make sure you get your motorcycle insured with a comprehensive motorcycle insurance. Driving an uninsured bike in London is against traffic norms and you could be severely penalised if you fail to maintain a bike insurance coverage above the stipulated minimum.

Ensure safety on the road

When you drive, keep away from vehicles on the road or stationery vehicles. This way, when they suddenly open their doors (yes, there are idiots who open their car doors out on the road), you won’t be hurt. Do not drive directly behind cars or huge trucks or you might ride over possible potholes, bricks, and animal remains. Stick to their side instead.

Stay focussed. Try not to think about your divorce, your demotion or the huge list of things you have to do. Driving a bike is not the time for you to reflect. Most importantly, if you see a driver with a mobile phone glued to his ears, stay clear: that guy is a moving death trap!

Drive solo

Whenever possible, drive solo. We are not saying that you should never have a pillion rider. What we suggest is not to drive as a group, or worse, drive in formations on the road. If any one of you loses control during a formation drive, inadvertently, the rest of the group will suffer a terrible crash, which could be life-threatening.

Check if the bike is road worthy

Experts recommend you to POWDER check your bike before taking it out. POWDER stands for petrol, oil, water, damage, electrics and rubber. You also would want to check the tire pressure, wheel alignments, and headlights before getting on your motorcycle.

Biking in London is a treat. Explore the various neighbourhoods of this dazzling city and if you keep our safety tips in mind, you can avoid unforeseen mishaps.

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