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London Bridges Images Courtesy Of The Wandering Scotsman

London Bridges Images Courtesy Of The Wandering Scotsman

Twenty-four bridges cross the River Thames in London. Most of them look like bridges that I have seen in other cities and towns all across the UK. I guess the most famous London bridge is Tower Bridge, followed by London Bridge becaue of mistaken identity and of course ┬áMillennium Bridge has been brought to the world’s attention thanks to some wizard by the name of Harry Potter.

At some point or other during my time living in London I have seen all the bridges that span the River Thames and crossed over them all and in my personal humble opinion the views from most of them is a hell of lot more memorable than the bridge itself, with the exception of Tower Bridge and the Millennium Bridge, which are indeed atheistically pleasing to look at. It is the view from the bridges in London that is special.

My personal favourite Bridge in London is undoubtedly Tower Bridge, followed by the Millennium Bridge and coming in at third place is Hammersmith Bridge. London Bridge is only a pile of concrete and is nothing special to look at, apart from at night when it is all lit up!

London Bridges images courtesy of the Wandering Scotsman…can you recognise them or have you a similar bridge in your home city or town?