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London Blogs You Must Visit

London Blogs You Must Visit

London is a city that hooks you in if you let it. Sure the place has a ton of bad points and faults. But doesn’t any city? One thing I truly love about living in the Big Smoke is the diversity of the people that make up this amazing place.

There are seemingly over 300 different languages spoken in London, which gives you an indication of the huge mix of people that make up this city. I personally find it liberating and inspiring to be around so many people from different countries, religions and ethnic backgrounds.

I may be only 550 miles from my home city of Aberdeen, but I still see myself as being an expat. In fact I feel more of an expat living in London than I did when I was living in Barbados, which is strange but true. Nowadays it is so easy to keep in touch with family and friends, through mediums such as Twitter, Facebook, email, Skype and of course blogging.

What I like about the world of blogging is that it is an outlet  where anybody can get the opportunity to express their unique viewpoint and insight towards anything they want too. I personally blog not to make money or to become famous, or to boost my ego. I blog because because, why indeed? I havent got the a proper answer to that one. How about because I enjoy it, yes that is it!

As I mentioned yesterday there are thousands upon thousands of London blogs out there each telling their own story. If you want to get into the heart and soul of London and really find out what life is like here, the best way is to  read the ramblings of bloggers like me. My personal favourite blogs at the moment are listed below. I dare say that over the course of time I shall find a few more that I find enjoyable to read. They are in no particular order apart from the first one of course.

London Blogs You Must Visit

1. London Is Cool – I couldn’t make a list and not be on it, that would be plain stupid.

2. Emm in London

3. A Singaporean In London

4. Little London Observationist

5.  Fresh Eyes On London

6. Derelict London

7. Neal and Rochelles Overseas Experience

8. The London Insider



  1. Sir Wallace! Thanks so much for the shout out! You rock and so does your blog.

  2. Hey! Cheers for adding me to the list 🙂 Woohoo! x

  3. Laondon is the best to visit in UK… aha~!

  4. Cheers for the mention buddy! Stay cool 🙂

  5. Perhaps one day my blog will make it onto this list…only just started but I have some cool things planned so watch this space!