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Living Under the Bridge: Londoner 101 Picture Series

Living Under the Bridge: Londoner 101 Picture Series

Down and out in Old London Town… I’m pretty sure hundreds of thousands of people have come to London through the centuries hoping to make their fortune or at the very least start a new life or perhaps escaping from something.

I was feeling a wee bit pissed off as I walked along Grosvenor Road, I had queued up for over 2 hours to go on the Open House London tour of Battersea Power Station, only to be told no more people were getting in… it was only 12.30pm the tour was meant to be  running until 4pm. But alas Open House London had made a complete balls up of the queuing system. It wasn’t the end of the world… and looking at the tent city underneath Grosvenor Bridge was a stark reminder that life wasn’t quite so bad.

Broken dreams… I’m sure we have all had them. Living Under the Bridge, the latest instalment of the legendary Londoner 101 Picture Series.