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Little Bay Kilburn

Little Bay Kilburn

Last week or was it the week before… I can’t quite remember, but who cares about such details, I took the African Princess to the Little Bay restaurant in Kilburn for a bite to eat. I have lived in the area for over four years, and this was my first visit to what is a very popular restaurant: It will definitely not be my last visit…

I read a blog post the other week from a so called foodie blogger who was moving away from Kilburn to live in a more trendy area of London… I know yawn, yawn! But anyway the American lady was harping on about how Kilburn was such a poor area for eating out in, yet in the next breath she said she never really had much money to eat out when living in the area… so how the hell does she know it is a bad area for eating out in? I’m confused!

I just had to get that off my chest…


Lets get back on track… where was I? In the Little Bay restaurant in Kilburn. As soon as I walked through the door of Little Bay and entered the restaurant I was surprised at how funky, unusual and welcoming the place was.

Just as I was thinking to myself I like the look and feel of this place, the waitress lead us up the stairs to the loft like area. I normally hate heights, but I liked being perched high above everyone else: people watching is fun.


Before I can concentrate on ordering food I need to have something cold, wet and in a pint glass. Preferable a pint of quality cask ale. If that isn’t available a good bottle of quality British ale will do nicely. Little Bay unfortunately had neither. Why, I wish I knew. Anyway I settled for a bottle of Budweiser Budvar, which was better than nothing!

Starters were priced at £2.25 from Noon until 7pm, £3.45 after 7pm. It was only 5pm. I was a happy loon. Was I really still in London, would the food taste any good?

To start with I had the Pig’s Cheeks with smoked bacon, spring onion mash and a Madeira sauce. The dish looked tasty, the aroma had my mouth watering and best of all it tasted absolutely delicious. Was it only going to cost me £2.25… I felt like Dick Turpin and for once I was the one robbing the restaurant and not the other way around!


The African Princess had the freshly grilled mixed vegetables, marinated in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and balsamic vinegar. She was impressed, and she don’t impress easily!

For a main course I had the Grilled Aberdeen Angus beef burger, served with salad, cheese and chips. The burger was good, the bun looked and tasted terrible and the chips were mediocre. Some home made chips would have made the world of difference and a decent bun. I wasn’t impressed.


The African Princess had the char-grilled Lamb Steak, served on crushed new potatoes with julienne vegetables and a green peppercorn sauce. She was impressed, I loved it. It was very tasty. I wanted to swap, the girl had sense, she ignored my request.


For desert I had the Apple Cake served with custard and Vanilla ice cream. One of my all time favourite desert’s and didn’t they do it well. Unfortunately I was too busy eating it to take a picture… My girl went for the Cheesecake served with a strawberry coulis. It tasted delicious, what more can I say…


I was fairly impressed with Little Bay restaurant in Kilburn. The food was good, the décor and layout was a little bit different, in a nice way, and I only spent £30… that is right 30 quid. Excellent value for money, that cannot be denied. We will be back…