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Latest Banksy At Regents Canal

Latest Banksy At Regents Canal

Banksy the famed graffiti artist, has produced many notable pieces of street art on the walls of Camden Town and along the Regent’s Canal and I have been fortunate enough to clasp eyes on quite a few of them. Yesterday I finally managed to catch up with the latest piece of vandalism by the living legend, which is a colourful chalk drawing that features a living room scene.

There has been a bit of debate as to whether the latest piece is a Banksy or not. It is situated on a Regent’s Canal wall that is seemingly famous for his work. I have heard from the knowledgeable that say it is definitely by him, and having seen some examples of similar work by him, who am I to disagree. I have heard from the not so knowledgeable who claim that the living room scene, and the fact that it is in chalk is nothing like his work, such people maybe need to go and do some research!

The living room scene, features a gold fish jumping out a bowl towards a television screen, with a picture of paradise like island. What is the meaning of it? What does this chalk drawing represent? There has to be some deep meaning there some place. Yes indeed, why not let it mean whatever you want it to mean!

I’m no expert on Banksy, graffiti or the high profile feud, between Banksy and King Robbo which has been played out along the walls of the Regent’s Canal over the past 2 years, but what I do know is I like this latest piece. What have Team Robbo got lined as an answer to this latest one or is the feud finally over…

At the end of the day whether the living room scene that currently adorns this particular wall of the Regent’s Canal is a Banksy or not, who cares, it is still a fantastic and thought provoking piece. I know there are quite a few sad people out there that will love it if it’s a Banksy and hate it if it aint!



  1. which stretch of Regent’s Canal is this on? I haven’t spotted this one yet

  2. It is about half way between, Camden Lock and Kings Cross, give or take a few meters…

  3. doesn’t look like one of his mate!

  4. bigmama, that was what I originally thought, but after a bit of research I have seen some pieces of his that have similarities, but I can’t say for sure that it is a Banksy.