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Kenya Airways Are Not The Pride Of Africa

Kenya Airways Are Not The Pride Of Africa

Kenya Airways like to call themselves the Pride of Africa…but due to a recent personal experience with them, the truth of the matter is that they are in fact nothing but the joke of Africa. They haven’t got a clue about customer service…

Lets start at the beginning, My African Princess is heading home to Botswana to visit the family as you do from time to time. We looked around to see what deals there were out there. Eventually after many days and hours of searching we found the perfect deal. Kenya Airways were offering a good price and the luggage allowances were just what she was looking for. Life was good and everything was going according to plan.

We paid the deposit and less than an hour later we transferred the money into the travel agencies bank account. A confirmation email was sent to us, with all the flight details and times of the flight from Heathrow to Botswana. We could sit back and take things easy, the flight was paid for and booked.

Less than 24 hours later…the phone rings. It was the travel agency calling to say that Kenya Airways who like to say they are one of the best and most respected airline companies in Africa, that they had made a mistake with the price and it was now cancelled, WTF. I thought they must be having a fucking laugh. Nope it was no bad joke, the worst airline in Africa were being serious.

Me being a defender of the little person, emailed there customer service department asking for justice and that they play fair, show some goodwill and professionalism and honour the flight at the original price. Two emails and two days later Kenya Airways eventually respond with a number to call and another email address. I was finally getting somewhere.

I called up the number, explained the problem. The girl says you have the wrong number, WTF. She gives me another number. After one hour without an answer. I decided to call first thing the next morning as soon as their lines were open, which was 8am. Another hour later still no answer. You owe meĀ 130 minutes on my phone Kenya Airways. I think it must just be a number that they give people with complaints hoping that they give up. Yes the Pride of Africa, are a sneaky bunch of crooks.

Clearly Kenya Airlines don’t like to listen to complaints. I could have given up. Never give up is my motto. I decided to email the other contact address they had given me. Three days later they still haven’t responded to the email I sent them. And they call themselves one of the most respected and best airlines in Africa, of course they are on paper, but when it comes to practise they are nothing but a second rate operator.

Kenya Airlines just because you say you are the Pride of Africa and that you are one of the best and most respected airlines in Africa doesn’t make it true…actions speak louder than words. You are a bad joke of a company.

Eventually we found a deal with KLM, who are maybe not the Pride of Africa, but what they are is professional. My tip for today is avoid Kenya Airways at all costs. If something goes wrong they will do their best to runaway and hide from you.


  1. Just to let you know klm is a sister company of kenya airways. KLM has shares in kenya airways so if you can try to avoid giving them your momey in future.

  2. We lost two days of our four day honeymoon safari thanks to the incompetencies of Kenya Airways. Their customer service function is constantly understaffed and a joke. If you search online, the airline is consistently talked about in terms of delayed flights and poorly resolved customer service issues. I wish someone had given me a warning. So here it is for you – do not fly Kenya Airways if you want to get to your destination on time. And definately don’t use them if you’re going on honeymoon.
    Geraldine Wisniewski

  3. Avoid these clowns at all costs. I would rather take a slow boat than fly with Kenya Airways.

  4. I could not agree with me. Kenya airways is not the pride of Africa. Their customer services is the worst c. Service I never saw or experience. When you file compliants, instead of correcting it they will blame you by saying’ this is your mistake’. Incredible !! I totally agree with Trevor, Never Ever fly with Kenya Airways again.

  5. I do not think very highly of Kenya Airways and I will not be in any hurry to fly with them again after not putting my suitcase on the flight and causing me to miss my flight which I had to pay for in full for another flight kenya airways are to blame and do not seem to want to own up to .

  6. Lesly, I have heard so many bad stories about Kenya Airways, and they have the nerve to call themselfs the Pride of Africa!