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In Search of Truman’s Beer – Fortune Favours the Brave!

In Search of Truman’s Beer – Fortune Favours the Brave!

It’s not true, Twitter isn’t just full of mindless garbage… sometimes you really do discover something worthwhile – admittedly it only happens on very rare occasions.

I logged onto Twitter on Tuesday evening to see if anything would catch my eye and there it was, some geezer… can’t remember his name, but his tweet said ‘Also a pint of Truman’s No. 8 at only 3.5% it’s a hoppy, traditional ale that’s packed full of flavour for such a weak beer North London NW6.’ Wow… for a long time I had been wanting to sample some Truman’s ale.

Way back on July 31 2010 – haven’t I got good memory or what – after I had been at the launch event for the Spitalfields Fire & Stone restaurant I went in search of Truman’s Runner ale. A so called cool bar in the area had it on tap… In I walked… after I eventually found it, which took a bit of time because I got lost! Never the less it was worth it, I had found what I was looking for.

‘A pint of Truman’s Runner please,’ I asked the pretty Australian bar maid.
‘Sorry it’s off…’
‘WTF…’ I never said that, but it was what I was thinking!

I left the bar as it was too cool for me… lots of loud trendy people wanting everyone to hear them talking bull shit!

I thought it would be only be a matter of time until I walked into a bar somewhere in London on one of my many adventures and I would find Truman’s on tap, but we never crossed paths until yesterday thanks to Twitter!

As soon as I read the Tweet I should have jogged up to the North London Tavern on Kilburn High Road, which is incidentally one of my favourite pubs in all of London, because knowing my luck they would run out of Truman’s Number No.8 if I left it until the next day. However I was tired, but I said a wee prayer before I went to bed!

It was a beautiful day in Kilburn yesterday, the sun was shining and the air was warm … perfect conditions for a couple of sly afternoon pints of ale. The North London Tavern was fairly empty and peaceful, the after work crowd hadn’t descended upon the place yet!

And like finding an oasis in the desert – which I really did see once upon a time when I was on a bus journey from hell between Tel Aviv and Cairo – behind the bar of the North London Tavern they had Truman’s No.8 on pump… perfection!

Like a real old school boozer I gladly accepted the pint of ale in a classic dimpled pint glass… it looked good and thankfully it was a gem of beer – a slightly fruity little number, which was perfect for drinking on a warm sunny afternoon and it only cost £3.60…

Finally I had tasted a Truman’s beer. A company that was once upon a time the largest brewery in the world, but which went out of business after trading for hundreds of years in 1989 -the greedy men in suits bought and opened up more bars than they could afford, they also started making their once revered ale more cheaply in the name of profit. In 2010 the company name and some of their ales were brought back to life with the goal of not making huge profits, but making great beer…

I was impressed with Truman’s Number .8 and I look forward to trying out some more of their beers in the near future and I will be back in at The North London Tavern in the very near future… a gem of pub…