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In Search Of A Scottish Pub In London Called Rob Roy

In Search Of A Scottish Pub In London  Called Rob Roy

It was Saturday night and I was kind of bored, my girlfriend was working late and I had nothing to do and nowhere to go. Get the violins oot. So I had a brainwave I would  go for a few drinks in one of the few Scottish pubs in London, called the Rob Roy.

The Rob Roy is owned by an Aberdeen supporter, which in my opinion makes it a place worth visiting. In fact I was sitting in the bar watching the football results and I couldn’t have been happier when I noticed Rangers had been beaten 2-0 in a friendly by Portsmouth. I will tell you my pint of Carling lager tasted even better.

So off I set from Kilburn to Paddington, which is only a couple of stops on the Bakerloo line, in search of a wee piece of Scotland in London. I had been to the Rob Roy a few months ago, when one of my old friends from Aberdeen called Dino, who now lives London arranged to take me there. So I thought it would be a piece of cake to find the place.

I exited Paddington station and thought shit, I haven’t got a clue as to, which direction I’m meant to go. It all seemed so different from when I had my friend leading the way. But fortunately my Guardian Angel pointed me in the right direction and after going down a few wrong streets, I eventually found the Rob Roy pub.

rob roy bar

The pub was fairly empty, in fact there was more people at the graveyard that I went to in Kilburn earlier on in the afternoon. Which was good for me, because it meant that I wouldn’t have to wait a lifetime to get served a drink. The Rob Roy did get a wee bit busier, later on, when there were a grand total of 6 people inside and 2 outside. I never knew pubs were so quiet on a Saturday night.

The Rob Roy is a fairly decent pub, with nice, pleasant and relaxing surroundings, and the music was fairly good. The girl serving behind the bar was friendly enough and the  lager tasted okay, but not the best I have tasted. I maybe should have tried one of the Scottish Brews they had on tap.

The only negative comments I would like to make is that the price of the lager was a joke, £3.65 for a pint of Carling, give me a fu**ing break. It is obvious a fellow Aberdeen fan owns the place, when they charge so much for a pint. Also the toilets weren’t the cleanest I have been in, but not any worse than many pubs I have been into in London.

I went to the Rob Roy in search of some friendly Scottish voices; you don’t come across too many in London. But I was the only Scot in there the whole 3 hours I was there. There had been a couple of Americans, a Japanese girl, a French couple, one Malaysian and few English, but where were the Scots. I think I have the answer, most of us aint stupid enough to pay £3.65 for a pint of lager.

The Rob Roy seemingly gets busy, when they are showing Aberdeen and Scotland football matches on television. Which I could imagine would be great atmosphere, one of these days I will have to pop in to watch a game.

I would say the Rob Roy is a fairly decent pub, and if you are looking for a  quiet place in Paddington for a few drinks, you wont go wrong here. But if you are looking for somewhere lively, this isn’t the place to go, unless there is a game on.

rob roy pub 1

Roy Roy, 8-9 Sale Place, Paddington, London, W2 1PH