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I Wonder What Is Through That Door?

I Wonder What Is Through That Door?

Yesterday morning I walked from Kilburn to Marylebone Road for a meeting; a gentle 40 minute stroll, and afterwards I walked home. I have two legs so I will use them!

I have friends who catch like 5 colds a year and are always moaning about being constantly tired. I have a simple cure for them! Get some regular exercise and eat healthily. Simple lifestyle changes, that will change their lives for ever!

Anyway, after taking a wee detour along a road I have never walked down before – I like to explore – I discovered two interesting pubs and a café that I simply must visit at some point in the near future. The things you find down unassuming, quiet little back streets…

A building that always catches my eye on Edgware Road is the subject of  today’s featured picture. I have walked past it countless times and each time I have wondered what lies behind that door. Is it someone’s home or an office or whatever. I love the mural, it is bright, colourful and vibrant…

I Wonder What Is Through That keyhole?