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Hyde Park Speakers Corner – Freedom Of speech is Alive and Well In London

Hyde Park Speakers Corner – Freedom Of speech is Alive and Well In London

Speakers Corner located in the north east corner of London’s Hyde Park (a stones throw from Marble Arch) is an area where open-air public speaking, debate and discussion are allowed. Anybody can get on their soapbox and start a discussion about anything they want – when I dropped by for a nosey yesterday evening it seemed to be mainly religious people, a few commies, and someone offering to help cure people of sex addiction!

In the Great Britain we are country with a great tradition of freedom of speech and the right of assembly. The right of our citizens to gather to freely speak, to hear and to be heard. For well over a century men and woman have been able to climb upon their soapbox at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park and voice their opinion. Some famous people including George Orwell, Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, William Morris and Kwame Nkrumah have all frequented Speakers Corner.

It was good to see so many foreign people enjoying the right to openly discuss their religious and political beliefs in Hyde Park yesterday. I’m sure they all appreciate the British way of life. As we all know in some countries if you speak out against your Government, or if you practise the wrong region the punishment can include, imprisonment, torture, rape and some cases murder!

Pictures From The  Speakers Corner in Hyde Park London

Last week I read with great interest that the Russian prime minister and presidential candidate Vladimir Putin called for the creation of speakers corner in Russia. For a place just like in London’s Hyde Park where people can come to openly express their ideas and beliefs! Putin said:“We should find some decent place like Hyde Park to give an opportunity to everyone to freely speak out on any issue, so the media could present those views to all Russian citizens.” Hopefully the Russian people get the chance to experience what we take for granted in the UK!

Speakers Corner in Hyde Park is worth popping along to especially on a Sunday for wee nosey. It is a great source of entertainment that is for sure!

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  1. Speakers Corner can be a real eye opening exerience and earful!

  2. What’s the bets there are a few undercover coppers lurkig in amongst that lot. Bunch of lunatics if you ask me.

  3. Sorry it’s taken so long to respond today. I can’t see your comment section worth a hoot on the boat. The sunlight makes it so light that I can’t even see the words I’m typing. My eyes are so bad that I can no longer do it. Your blog rocks, but your comment shade (lightness) sucks. Only at home now will I be able to comment.

    Sounds like a great place for all the nuts to converge. Well that’s what would happen here. It just would.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  4. William Wallace you seriously should consider thinking about turning this series of blog posts into a book. Could be a winner.

  5. Comedy Plus, I will have to figure out how to make it darker. That will be this weeks painful task! Beleive me there are plenty of nuts in London enjoying their freedom of speech!

  6. Tim, it is that!

    Mr Angry, I would place a bet on that being true.

    Tom, it is a winner!

  7. Speakers Corner is an absolute hoot. The ranting and raving of the lunatics is super free show!

  8. Miro, it is a great free show for sure…


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