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Holland Park London’s Most Romantic Park

Holland Park London’s Most Romantic Park

I have heard it said that Holland Park is London’s most romantic park… so off I went at the weekend for a visit to discover if there really was romance in the air! My girl was working, which meant I had to use my imagination! I had also heard it said that Holland Park is one of London’s less busy park… take it from me on a warm Saturday afternoon it gets busy!

Holland Public Park in the very posh part of town – some of the local teenagers had mouths as foul as the little hoodlums from the council tower blocks of South Kilburn over in my part of London! – consists of just over 54 acres, which include semi woodland trails, formal gardens, sports area, sculptures and a mainly ruined mansion house.

Holland Park – Public Park in oh so posh Holland Park!

The highlight of Holland Park for me was Kyoto Garden,  a Japanese garden, which was beautiful little area  that would have been great for some quiet contemplation if it wasn’t quite so busy.

Holland House, which is a virtually ruined Jacobean mansion house, it was destroyed by a bomb during World War II. Only the east wing has been restored and is currently being used as Youth Hostel.

The Park and the area around, it both called Holland Park are named after Sir Henry, Earl of Holland who use to reside there. When his wife Lady Rich inherited the property she changed it’s name from Cope Castle to Holland House.

The formal gardens around Holland House are very pretty, as opposed to being spectacular. The smells wafting off some flowers and plants was delightful! A great place to sit, relax and enjoy nature at it’s finest, whilst munching some sandwiches.

There were one or two eye catching sculptures knocking about, a beautiful mural which ran along one of the walls and  seats carved out of  tree trunks which I couldn’t resist trying out…

Is Holland Park really the most romantic park in London… if you ask me any pretty park in London has the potential to be a very romantic place if you have a heart, are in love and your partner is with you… Holland Park therefore could be considered a Romantic Park, a very romantic park indeed…

H = Holland Park. For more from the A to Z of Things to do & Places to Visit in London.




  1. You’ll have to take your lady when she has a day off and then you won’t have to use your imagination. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  2. I didn’t know that it was supposed to be the most romantic. I went once a few years ago so I will have to go back and check out the formal gardens by Holland house, I only really explored the Kyoto Garden as I had a picnic there with friends. Lovely pictures.

  3. I don’t like that nasty scum on the surface of the pool in the Japanese garden! I’d love to have Holland Park as my local green space, but then that would mean that I lived in a £2m+ pad – it’s very posh round there

  4. It looks really lovely! I will have to make a turn there. I would want to see the Japanese garden certainly but also Holland House and that big chess board. Stunning!

  5. I have heard a lot about this park and how lovely it is. Haven’t managed to get there yet but from your pictures it certainly looks like somewhere well worth traveling too.

  6. Comedy Plus, I will… hopefully sometime soon.

    Melissa, there is quite a few great spots for having a picnic. The next time I visit I’m giong to go during the week when it will hopefully be a little bit less busy.

    Pete, if only… it is a wee bit on the expensive side around there. The wee pool needs a clean out for sure.

    Emm, it is a great park to explore and chill out in…

    LLM, it is a park worth checking out…

  7. One of my top locations for hooking a fish, if you know what I’m getting at lol.

  8. Imagine how heaving this place is going to be come proper summer time! Great pics 🙂

  9. John, yes indeed!

    Henry, I do indeed. I think the best bet is to get there nice and early while…

  10. Brings back some memories. My mum and dad use to take me for day trips to Holland Park when I was a kid. Great times we had.

  11. Raven, I’m sure they were. Get yourself back for a visit to remind yourself on those good times…