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Holiday Inn Oxford Circus London Protest – Picture of the Day

Holiday Inn Oxford Circus London Protest –  Picture of the Day

On Saturday afternoon I tagged along with the Boycott Workforce protest that was pounding the Streets of Oxford Street in a protest against the Governments latest crazy policy of making disabled and unemployed people work for huge companies for free. One of those companies that gladly accepts free forced labour is the Holiday Inn hotel chain!

The friendly protest was about creating awareness and shaming the companies who are profiteering from unemployed people’s misery. I’m all for unemployed people been given help to find jobs, but having them work for businesses which are making huge profits for free is not on!

I captured today’s Picture of the Day outside the Holiday Inn on Wellbeck St, which is located a stones throw from Oxford Circus. The police were doing a great job of stopping the protesters from entering the hotel. In fact such a good job that no protester or even guest could access the building…

Holiday Inn Oxford Circus London – Picture of the Day

I know for a fact some of those hard working Police officers who were helping to keep public order have their own reservations and negative thoughts on the Governments latest proposal to farm out some of their duties to private companies! This Tory and Lib Dem government is all about making sure their friends in big business bleed the rest of us dry!


  1. Yep that’s what the government is so very good at. Bunch of crooks.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  2. Comedy Plus, they are for sure!

  3. Looks like a football team photo! Why aren’t they all smiing lol

  4. Kevin, it does indeed!