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Heavenly Rum Girls From Colombia

Heavenly Rum Girls From Colombia

During my wanderings around the RumFest event, which I attended on Saturday afternoon, I couldn’t help but notice the 3 Colombian girls who were pouring Dictador rum from…you guessed it Colombia. They poured the rum with such finesse, style and skill in their matching little uniforms. I couldn’t help be impressed…very impressed.

Not only did the Colombian rum girls look good, they really got into the spirit of the event and were constantly smiling away as they worked hard making sure the punters got their little samples of rum to taste, which was quite good. Especially the 20 year old Dictador. They have seemingly been brewing their unique brand of rum since 1913.

I must admit when I first clapped eyes on the 3 Colombian beauties, I thought it was going to be a smokescreen to distract the public away from the fact the rum was going to be utter crap. I’m a true professional and it takes more than a beautiful woman in a nice little outfit, with a rather naughty looking hat to distract me from the task at hand, which was sampling the goods…the rum. I may have never heard of Dictador rum before RumFest 2010, but now I will never forget the stuff it is real quality.

I personally reckon the 3 Colombian models should open up their own rum bar here in London. I think they could create a legendary bar, that would be packed out the door with people who love good rum and who like to have it poured with a beautiful smile, skill and finesse…oh yes indeed.



  1. Are you sure the rum was that good? Maybe your taste buds shut down for a little while since your eye sight was working so hard 😀 I am quite sure that you won’t forget it though!

  2. From what I have seen of Columbians, they are ridiculously good looking! It must be something in the drinking water but they are a very nice looking nation of people.

  3. No beer goggles required here by the looks 😉 Hope you are keeping in good spririts Mr Wallace (sorry couldn’t resist). It certainly sounds like you are. How’s that big old heart of yours? Big X

  4. Things are all good…apart from my head, which has taken a bit of time to recover. I should have went straight home instead of going via the pub!

    I think the rum tasted good or maybe it really was an illusion and I was blinded by the beauty of the 3 young ladies. And I think I better start having the water sent over from Colombia for my personal use!