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Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park, in South East London is quite probably my favourite Royal Park. I find it a fantastic place to head to when I need a wee break from the madness of big city life. London is a city that is  so much more than just a concrete and glass jungle of mayhem and noise…

In my mind what makes Greenwich Park so special is the amazing views, which take in the River Thames, Isle of Dogs, City of London, Old Royal Naval College, Canary Wharf and the O2 Arena, which combined with all the trees and green spaces creates a fantastic location. It is a perfect place to laze around at any time of the year.

I especially enjoy visiting Greenwich Park in the winter months, when it’s cold and the tourists are a little bit more scarce on the ground. And I better not forget all the soft ex-pats and Londoners that are too scared to venture out of their houses. I can’t understand people sometimes, it gets too hot in the summer and it’s too cold in the winter in London…yawn…yawn…yawn!

Even on busy days when the sun is shining and there are bus loads of tourists kicking about at the park, it is easy to escape the crowds…unbelievable easy in fact. 90% of all visitors to Greenwich Park follow the same old predictable well trodden path…the Royal Observatory, the viewing point, Park Café and down beside the boating lake. Get away from these places and you wont feel like you are at a tourist trap!

Did you know that Greenwich Park is the Oldest of the Royal Parks in London and dates back to 1433. And another interesting little historical anecdote I discovered about the park was that during the Second World War, there were anti-aircraft guns in the Flower Garden and the tips of some of the trees were cut off to widen the field of fire so the Luftwaffe could be shot down. Evidence of this still exists to the present day and can be seen in the truncated shape of some of the trees.

I could ramble on about the history of Greenwich Park, but there is already an abundance of material online about the park, which can be found at The Royal Parks – Greenwich Park.

Greenwich Park is a great place to head to for some serious chilling out time and of course it also offers some of the best views of London, along with plenty of great places to escape the maddening crowds. Shh but don’t tell everyone…


  1. I agree Greenwich Park is nice i like the Greenwich and Blackheath area in general.

    I really like your photos of the park and views they brought me back to a place i haven’t been to in years.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Glad you like the pics, Greenwich Park offers so many fantastic photo opportunities.

  3. what a beautiful park and lovely shots. looks like a great place to have fun and relax.