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Genghis Khan by Dashi Namdakov The Latest Marble Arch Sculpture

Genghis Khan by Dashi Namdakov The Latest Marble Arch Sculpture

Today is of course Friday the 13th a date that is considered to be unlucky. Just by chance I found myself down by Marble Arch where I stumbled upon a group of workmen who were installing London’s latest temporary sculpture – a stunning bronze sculpture of Genghis Khan the brutal Mongolian leader on horseback descending from heaven. I felt lucky being one of the first people to see this spectacular piece of art in its new home.

You will find Genghis Khan situated next to the fountains, which is located about 1 minutes walk from the Marble Arch monument – seek and ye shall find it. This sculpture which was created by Dashi Namdakov replaces the colourful Jelly Baby family!

This latest sculpture is part of the Halcyon Gallery’s ‘public art programme’, an initiative run by Halcyon’s founder Paul Green, which installs specially commissioned pieces in and around the West End, in conjunction with the Royal Parks Foundation. A fantastic idea if you ask me.

Genghis Khan by Dashi Namdakov

Genghis Khan the savage warrior on horseback surrounded by traffic on all sides at Marble Arch is the perfect setting for what is a beautiful piece of art…


  1. Amazing how we honor savages like him, but we do. It is impressive.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  2. Comedy Plus, it is a nice piece of art… even though he was a brutal savage!