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From The Scotsman In London Some Scottish Slang For Ye All

From The Scotsman In London  Some Scottish Slang For Ye All

It seems that there is a wee bit of interest in Scottish slang or Scottish phrases from the many thousands of people that visit London Is Cool. I previously wrote an article called Useful Scottish Slang Words & Phrases Such as Fit Like Min, Aye And Ya Bas, which has proven to be extremely popular. I think you can guess what the article is about.

Because I’m the sort of blogger that likes to keep my visitors entertained, I thought I would put together another wee list of Scottish slang words and phrases that may be of interest. Most of the slang I will be featuring today are very rarely used nowadays, which is a bit of shame because some of them  are so fucking cool.

The truth of the matter is most Scots nowadays only use a sprinkling of slang words in their normal vocabulary, which is probably something that is not such a good thing. Times change I suppose. In saying that I have however heard it said that when I talk on the phone with one of my Aberdonian brethren that it can almost sound like a foreign language to Londoners. Fit like min!

Scotland may be a small country, but there is a huge difference between slang used in the North East of Scotland where I’m from and say Glasgow or the Highlands. I’m almost as lost as an Englishman when I listen to a drunken Glaswegian. People in different parts of Scotland can and do use different words that mean the same thing.

Many years ago, I was in wee village I used to love spending New Year at called Contin in the Highlands of Scotland and this old woman had me scratching my head as to what she was talking about. Her local accent and use of old Scotch words was so different to what I was use too.

Scottish Slang Phrases and Words

  • “Fitya dee’in” –  What are you doing! Anybody that has ever been to Aberdeen would have heard this one being used.
  • “Dinna Fash Yersel”. –  Do not fuss yourself!
  • “Far Hiv Ye Bin”. – Where have you been!  This one is still in fairly common use back home.
  • “I’ll gie ye a skelpit lug” – I’ll give you a slap on the ear!  It has been such a long time since I heard this phrase. I love this one. When I tried it out on my African Princess, she said, “are you talking Scottish to me”.
  • “Mony a mickle maks a muckle”. –  Saving a small amount soon builds up to a large amount! Another classic that needs to be brought back into common  use.
  • Dinnae teach yer Granny tae suck eggs. – Don’t try to teach someone something they already know!
  • “Haud yer wheesht”. –  Be quiet!  I can remember this one said to me many times, when I was a young loon.
  • “Teuchter”. –  Someone who lives in the countryside!
  • “Toonser”. –  Someone who lives in some place bigger than a wee village, such as Aberdeen!
  • “Scaffie”. –  A binman, dustman!
  • “Sair fecht for a half loaf”. –  Its a hard struggle for little reward!
  • “Nae cast a cloot or may be oot”. –  Dont put your winter clothes away until after May, because it can still get cold!  In fact back home in Aberdeen quite simply never put them away.

Before you go trying out these Scottish slang phrases I think it may be a good idea to have a few strong alcoholic beverages, it may help with the accent. And that especially goes to all those Americans with Scottish blood in them. Have fun…


  1. The picture look gorgeous……….
    Wers that?
    Can’t help it.. heh! ;P

  2. Hi, that picture is from a place called “Glencoe” in Scotland. I have been there a few times and the scenery is truly amazing…