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Free London Museums You Might Want To Visit

Free London Museums You Might Want To  Visit

Undoubtedly London can be an expensive place to visit. You should try living here… you will know all about it… fortunately there are quite a few fantastic free museums that are well worth a visit in London. There really is something for everyone and best of all the experience won’t cost you a pretty penny.

The five London museums featured today are some of my personal favourites. Get yourself along to what will be an enjoyable few hours escaping from the real world… you won’t regret it.

5 Free London Museums

Bank of England Museum: learn about the history of the Bank of England from its creation in 1694 to the present day.

Royal Air Force Museum London: great place to spend some time enjoying what is a truly amazing array of planes, artefacts and memorabilia which they have on display.

National Maritime Museum:  Quite possible the largest and one of the best maritime museums in the world. It is well worth taking the trip to Greenwich to visit this place.

Grant Museum of Zoology: a fascinating zoology museums featuring an array of over 68,000 interesting skeletons, mounted animals and specimens stored in fluid. Something a wee bit different.

Museum of London: if you want to learn about London, be it the history, the cultural activities, customs, politics and current trends, you will be sure to find it all here.

Take it from me… free doesn’t mean crap, a waste of time. London really does have a huge amount of free museums which are definitely worth a visit. Whether you are a tourist, here on business or a local there is something for you…

The 5 free London museums I have previewed today are just the tip of the iceberg… there are plenty more to choose from. Get out there and visit, experience and enjoy…