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Exemplar: Joy Division Exhibition by Kevin Cummins

Exemplar: Joy Division Exhibition by  Kevin Cummins

Last night the Wandering Scotsman jumped on the 31 bus and headed over to Camden for the invitation only viewing of the Exemplar: Joy Division Exhibition by renowned photographer Kevin Cummins at Proud Camden.

For a fine change I was at an exhibition for a reason other than free lager and not only that, it was fucking fantastic to be looking at quality work as opposed to bull shit modern abstract junk! Over 30 years ago, Cummins was given unrivalled access to Joy Division during their all too brief and brilliant musical journey and during that time he captured a series of what have become iconic images.

I was never a big fan of Joy Division back in my younger days, but I did however grow to appreciate their music as I grew older and wiser! Songs such as Love Will Tear Us Apart, Atmosphere and Transmission will still have people appreciating their brilliance until the end of time.

There I was at the Exhibition doing what I do best and no I wasn’t meaning drinking lots of free lager and talking lots of bull shit! But rather I was capturing the moment … capturing a few pictures so I could share them with the world on London Is Cool. Suddenly an unhappy looking Kevin Cummins made me aware that no photography was allowed of his images, which was cool with me. That of course meant I could put the camera away and go drink lots of lager and talk lots of bull shit!

So folks I sadly only have a few images of Mr Cummins fantastic photographs of Joy Division to share with you. If you can get yourself along to Proud Camden for a wee gander of this exhibition of stunning photographs of an iconic band. And if you have a spare £1000+ you can even purchase a limited edition silver gelatin print of your own … I really wish I could!


After looking at Kevin Cummins Exemplar: Joy Division Exhibition at Proud Camden I feel inspired to improve my own photography skills. He is most definitely a very talented and inspirational photographer…

Exemplar: Joy Division Exhibition by Kevin Cummins will be running from now, until 11 December 2011, for further information visit  www.proudgalleries.co.uk.