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Euston Tap – Another Pint of Ale In London

Euston Tap – Another Pint of Ale In London

It had been another tough day, and the only cure was another pint of real cask ale. Like an oasis in the desert  I stumbled upon the Euston Tap, a pub which I had heard a lot about. London beer lovers have been having wet dreams over this place! It looked small from outside, I was hoping it was going to be like Dr Who’s Tardis inside!

The Euston Tap is quite probably the tiniest bar I have ever drank in, along with the tiniest beer garden, which was too cold to drink in. Located a stones throw from Euston Station this small bar offers up a big choice in beers and lagers – on tap they have 8 rotating cask ales, 20 keg beers and over 150 bottled beers from around the world. Small bar, big choice!

When I first arrived it wasn’t exactly busy, about 12 people in the ground floor bar area. The bar tender asks who’s next, it was me. Why the sour faced woman and her boyfriend with an equally looking sour looking face looked at me funny like they were next… when they were behind me coming in the door. Anyway… so much to choose from… choices, choices, choices!

As I picked up my pint the sour faced woman, moans to her equally sour faced boyfriend that they should have two people serving. She had to wait all of 5 minutes to get served, from the moment she walked in the door,  to  taking her first sip. I guess she doesn’t get out much. 15 minutes later they would have 3 people serving for the rush…

After enjoying a delicious couple of pints of Avalanche at the Southampton Arms last week, I decided to go for a pint of cask ale, Hurricane Jack – again produced by Fyne Ales. The board said it was a golden citrus ale at £3.20 – sounded good, right up my street. Right enough I could taste the citrus flavours alright, but I wasn’t generally impressed by this ale… drinkable but nothing to rave about!

The bar started to fill up fairly quickly with the after work crowd. There was a real mix of people – students, suits, travellers, beer gurus and a few old school boozers. I never ventured up the metal spiral staircase to the 1st floor lounge area – the staircase reminded me on a visit to lighthouse that I enjoyed many years ago!

The Euston Bar has a wee bit of history to it… it use to be The Glass Bar, which was a lesbian and bisexual bar! It has also got some more history… The Euston Tap is located inside what is called the Western Lodge, a Doric Propylaeum – which was one of four lodges that were part of the beautiful Euston Arch. Due to the wisdom of some dim witted councillors it was demolished in the early 1960’s, along with two of the lodges. The other surviving lodge, East Lodge has recently become the Euston Cider Tap, but I don’t really give a dam for cider!

I was going to stay for another swift one, but the Tardis was starting to fill up and I wasn’t in the mood to feel like a sardine as I drank a pint of ale! The Euston Tap offers a fairly decent selection of cask ales at fair prices and is a good bar for a pint or two, but not what I think is a great bar to relax in…

Euston Tap
West Lodge,
190 Euston Road,



  1. I’m just not a beer fan. Now champagne is quite another story.

    Don’t you just love sourpusses? They are just so darn miserable all the time. Bless their hearts.

    Have a fabulous day. 🙂

  2. Seems like a nice place to hangout. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. Gosh, it does look tiny from the outside, doesn’t it. Glad you were able to fit that woman’s attitude through the door.

  4. Comedy Plus, not sure if they sell Champagne. But they sell lagers that almost cost as much as Champange!

    Angel, it is good place for a drink or two.

    Emm, it is tiny on the inside! She was funny…

  5. Decent enough pub for a couple of drinks before or after a train journey. I agree it’s not a great pub for a session.

  6. Calum, it is indeed!