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Enjoying the View From a Bridge – London Picture of the Day

Enjoying the View From a Bridge – London Picture of the Day

Behind me the road over Waterloo Bridge was a constant throng of traffic – cars, lorries, buses, bikers and cyclists all in rush to get some place, in fact even the pedestrians on the pavement seemed to be a hurry – in front of me was the River Thames, the sunshine and a view that made me forget all about what was whizzing past at the back of me!

London is a city where everyone seems to be in rush. Life really does fly by at an alarming rate. I honestly feel like I have just arrived in London Town but I have been here for over 3 years… 3 years! Where has the time went. I’m going to have to leave before I become an old man with a walking stick who is wondering hey… I was only 40 last time I checked!

Picture of the Day form London was captured on Waterloo Bridge on one of those days when I couldn’t resist stopping for an hour and just enjoying the view. Watching the boats glide along the water and watching the sun setting over the historic old buildings in the distance had a calming effect on my body, mind and soul…

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  1. I’d rather be on that boat, although your shot is awesome. It’s just hard to keep me off a boat.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂