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Eeeefun Electric Scooter

Eeeefun Electric Scooter

On Saturday afternoon off I went to the Shoreditch Studios in London where the cameras were rolling for the filming of an international brand film for eeeeFun. Not my cup of tea if I’m honest, those Shoreditch I’m too cool and wannabee types with no talent truly bore me, however I was keen to have a wee peek at the eeeeFun electric Scooter which has recently come onto the market.

The eeeeFun is an all-electric fully customisable scooter which has zero emission. Just what the world needs if you ask me. The scooter is available in 3 models, e25, e45 and eh e80, which have a speed range of 25km/hr, 45km/hr and 80km/hr respectively. It beats me what use something that goes only 25km/hr or 45km/hr would be, but hell that’s me, however the 80km/hr version which is aorund 50mph is something I could live with. I think the e80 would be great for travelling around in a busy city and with a range of around 40miles or so on a fully charged battery they are fairly practical.

I have to say that I found the electric scooters they had on display rather cool and fun. They were even stylish and dare I say it, much too stylish for the Shoreditch crowd, most of whom wouldn’t be capable of riding a bicycle let alone something that is motorised…just keeping it real.

Fortunately I had to be some place else on Saturday evening so I had to leave the party before it got rolling, which was lucky for me I guess. Never the less I think those eeeeFun electric scooters could potentially be a winner…

You check out the full  range of eeeeFun electric scooters over at www.eeeefun.com.



  1. Way cool scooter. I’d ride it, but I’d want the one that would go 50 too.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  2. “…those Shoreditch I’m too cool and wannabee types with no talent…”

    They are called Hipsters and I fear that one day they shall inherit the earth and we will all be forced to wear checkered Keds, have stupid haircuts and walk around with an air of pretension about listening to shitty music

  3. Cool–

    They call em’ Liquor Cycle’s here. Because riders aren’t riding for a smaller carbon footprint, but for the lack of a Drivers Lic. That’s where the ‘Liquor’ comes in.

    Still cool thogh, my Son rides one!

    Happy Trails…

  4. That is such a stylish scooter I must say…does it come in pink? Heheh

  5. Comedy Plus, it is ineed a cool scooter.

    Dave, they are a bunch of jokers. I don’t think they ever look in mirrors because if they did they would realise how fucking stupid they look.

    Don, I got you. I wouldn’t mind one, but I fear those huge pot holes that we have to suffer on the roads of London would soon destory the scooter.

    Bingkacoy, I think you could quite probably get in any colour you want, they have a huge amount of options.

  6. eeeeFUN are looking for street artists and designers, plus musicians, actors, DJs and dancer