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Dragons Flying Over London

Dragons Flying Over London

What the hell is that…I thought as I walked over the the Hungerford Bridge heading towards the South Bank. From a distance it looked flying dinosaurs…as I got closer they still looked liked flying dinosaurs. I thought I may have breathed in too much of the weed that I just had a whiff of, ¬†from a passing hood rat. It was strong stuff..!

I was just heading to the Hayward Gallery to visit the amazing ‘The Edges Of The World’ exhibition by Ernesto Neto, when I chanced upon these giant flying dinosaur reptiles known as Pterosaurs that are situated beside the Royal Festival hall. You cant miss them, unless you are my African Princess who was meant to meet me beside them!

There are five life sized models of Pterosaurses in total, three flying along a South Bank walkway and two of the huge beasts feeding on the ground. And I must say they are an impressive sight, which look like they have just dropped in from a movie set, they looking fucking realistic.

These five huge Pterosaurses are part of a 10 day Festival of Science and Arts, which is being hosted by The Southbank Centre to celebrate the 350th Anniversary of the Royal Society. Get youself down to see them and be impressed. The exhibits will be flying off some place else on the 4th of July. Go see them while you have the chance..!

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  1. Those are really cool (perfect fit for your blog)! You can’t see how they are suspended in the second photo and they look like they are floating.