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Do Something: The Big If

Do Something: The Big If

A couple of weeks ago I received a piece of mail from Action Aid – I’m not sure how they had me on their mailing list, but anyway… I’m all for good causes which help to make the world we live in a better place.

This Saturday afternoon at Hyde Park there is an event taking place called “the Big If” the event is about fighting hunger and ending tax havens. Both are linked! It is estimated that there is at least $21tn hidden in offshore accounts by the worlds super rich. For every single pound that is avoided in tax, a hungry stomach could be filled!

The bottom line is that tax havens are a place for the rich to hide their money so they don’t pay tax on it. I wonder how many of those posh boys and girls who sit in Westminster have money hidden or are involved in companies registered in the British Virgin Islands? Quite I few I think! There lies the reason why there is no real political will to change things…

Countries such as Pakistan and India both receive hundreds of millions pounds of aid money every year from the UK – that money is collected from British tax payers, ordinary hard working folks like you and me – yet in these two countries the rich multi millionaire business tycoons pay hardly any tax… WTF is that all about!

Reading the little booklet sent from Action Aid I discover a woman who runs a little market stall in Zambia actually pays more income tax than Zambia Sugar a British owned company based in the same street. How can that be possible? That is the reality of tax avoidance by big business… they create hunger, in the name of making as much profit as possible. The poor suffer, the rich get even richer!

Drag yourself away from the television screen, get off your comfy sofa, out of the pub or give the latest semi nude picture of Rhianna grabbing her crotch – yes again – a miss and head to Hyde Park on Saturday from 2pm and show David Cameron that his rich chums can’t get away with tax avoidance any longer!