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Dave Hartnett Is Taking Us All For Mugs – Is The Tax Man A Crook?

Dave Hartnett Is Taking Us All For Mugs –  Is The Tax Man A Crook?

For many, many months I have been telling anybody who would listen to me – friends, neighbours, family members and even Santa Claus that there was something very suspicious, something very wrong about Dave Hartnett the Chief Tax Collector of Great Britain! I don’t know if this man is a crook, totally incompetent or what the story is…but what I do know he isn’t fit to be the HM Revenue & Customs top man…in fact going by his past record this man isn’t fit to balance the books of a corner shop, let alone this country!

On Sunday evening while enjoying some leisure time I stumbled upon UK Uncut’s latest endeavour, where they are taking legal action against HMRC and Dave’s decision to let Goldman Sachs off paying £10m interest on a failed tax avoidance scheme they were implicated in. A back room deal, a funny handshake and just like magic…abracadabra the parasites of Goldman Sachs are let off with paying 10 million pounds into the coffers of this country!

UK Uncut are aiming to raise £20,000 to help fight their legal case against HMRC – they are hoping to get 20,000 people to pay £1.24, which includes the PayPal transaction costs to help them launch this hugely important legal battle. Their lawyers are working an on no-win, no-fee deal, but if they lose the case they will be liable for the costs of HMRC. As quick as Dave Hartnett says yes to another expensive meal from one of his tax dodging chums I hit the PayPal pay money button and made my contribution! The grand total currently stands at £9,678…almost half way!

And today Dave Hartnett is in the news once again! A committee of MPs have criticised “cosy” deals between HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and big businesses…yes indeed! Cosy deals arranged and sanctioned by Mr Harnett himself! And quick as a flash HMRC fired back a defensive shot claiming the MPs have misunderstood the facts. Read the full story right here Dodgy Dave!

A chum of Hartnett’s, sorry slip of the tongue I meant so say a spokesperson for HMRC said today that “the idea Dave Hartnett cuts a large tax bill in return for a glass of wine and a cheese sandwich is just plain nonsense. If he was interested in feathering his nest he would have accepted one of the many highly lucrative offers of work he regularly receives from the private sector,”

Cheese sandwich my ass. Good old Dave is the most “wined and dined” civil servant in the UK, he has been treated to 107 expensive…very expensive meals by corporations during the past 3 years! His cheese sandwich is in reality a fancy meal in a Michelin Starred restaurant where he is eating the best food and drinking the finest wines that money can buy – one of his wee treat’s will cost more than some people make in a month!

If you ask me it can only be a conflict of interest that the top tax man in the UK is treated to lavish meals in fancy restaurants by companies he is meant to be chasing for huge sums of tax money! I don’t care what anybody says such clandestine meetings shouldn’t be allowed.

The MPs report makes for interesting reading – they basically claim Dave Hartnett is a dodgy bastard who is very economical with the truth. What I find even more intriguing is that the public wouldn’t have been aware of Dave’s shady deals with Vodafone which cost the British public billions and the recent one with Goldman Sachs if it wasn’t for a HMRC whistle-blower…how many skeletons are hiding in the closet, how many more dodgy deals have occurred that we are none the wiser about!

Civil Servants like Dave Hartnett and this goes for every single politician in the UK, their job is to serve the people of the UK…not serve themselves! All those billions Dave has been wined and dined into writing off could have been used to do so much good in this country…

David Hartnett needs to be investigated and when the findings reveal what I think they will, he needs to appear in a court of law and pay for his actions that have cost the people of Great Britain billions of pounds!

Dave Hartnett Is Taking Us All For Mugs – Is The Tax Man A Crook?



  1. Same stuff is happening here and both the democrats and the republicans are doing this. The media doesn’t mind too much if the democrats are doing this, but they go ballistic if the republicans. They are all a bunch of crooks. I hope they send this guy packing.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  2. Comedy Plus, they are moslty a bunch of crooks over here as well…that is for sure!

  3. Only a matter of time until he get’s pushed out. Did you read about the huge pension and bonus he is entitled to.

  4. This man is a clown. He will chase after the little man, yet he will let the big boys off with crazy amounts of money. It’s all wrong!

  5. Tracey, his time will come and he should be enjoying a jail cell not a bounus or pension!

    Kev, this man is a bad joke!