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Cosmopolitan Working Ladies – Selling Sex In London Town

Cosmopolitan Working Ladies –  Selling Sex In London Town

Chinese Teenager, Gorgeous Brunette Italian, New Japanese, Polish Model, Sexy Model,  African Queen, Brazilian transsexual and there was even an English Rose all advertising in the phone box on London’s Piccadilly – they were escorts, prostitutes, hookers or if you prefer whores selling their bodies for money.

The ladies if you can call them ladies, probably not… I couldn’t believe how cosmopolitan the sex industry is in London. There were woman, as well as a few transsexuals and men from at least 20 different countries – I gave up counting when the policeman across the road started to stare at me. I smiled, laughed and discreetly walked away…

As I carried on with my journey all the BT telephone boxes I passed by seemed to have the same cards, of the same faces. Offering all services. Everything you could imagine and more – massage with a happy ending, caning, water sports, anal, fisting, spanking, role play, uniforms to name but a few. Each advertising card featured a sexy picture of the girl, the cards of the transsexuals and the males never had a picture, I guess they are a bit on the shy side!

What amazes me is how the Japanese, Chinese, Brazilian and Africans sex sellers manage to get a visa? I wonder how many of them are here illegally or have a tourist visa or a study visa? How many have been forced to work as prostitutes by gangsters. I wonder if the police ever bother to collect the cards that are in the phone boxes, call them up and pay them a visit. Do they ever raid the flats and brothels of where these girls work? Or do they just turn a blind eye and pretend it is just harmless fun…that some men will always seek out the services of prostitutes?

In the interests of research I called up a lady who was advertising her services, which were displayed on a torn piece of paper… real classy and professional, NOT! Mature Bursty African – I think she meant busty unless I’m mistaken. I was intrigued as to what she was offering and for how much? The deal was a blow job and sex for 20 minutes for the bargain price of 40 quid! I asked how old she was and whether she was bursty! Yes and yes… she was 41 years old and her tits were fuckng massive…her words! I made my excuses and hung up the phone!

Cosmopolitan Working Ladies Selling Sex In London Town… I wonder when British Telecom and the various councils of London allowed it to become acceptable for advertising cards of near naked woman selling sex to be displayed in public places? Or maybe they pretend it doesn’t happen…


  1. Many years ago I used to talk with the prostitutes when I was working in law enforcement. Interesting life they lead and their pimps were trash. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  2. I recall a good few years ago,pre mobile phone era,the numbers were all landlines and BT were disconnecting the numbers on the cards, until they were taken to court for restricting the girls’ trade!!!

  3. Davy, stange how the law works. The hookers are surly breaking he law by selling sex, by not paying their taxes and by placing the cards in the phone boxes!

  4. Comedy Plus, I guess there lifes are a little bit crazy and out of control. I don’t think they can ever truly live normal happy lifes after selling their bodies for money…

  5. From an ex sex addict, I tell you that the pictures the pimps use to advertise the girls does not resemble what you get

  6. I’m a bit partial to Sushi when the mood takes me. Just as I’m for a bit of Yuko.

  7. It’s the woman who are forced to work in the sex industry I feel sorry for. More needs to be done to save them.

  8. Son, I have heard that from another former mug!

    Andy, nothing like piece of Sushi, refer to Satan Son!

    Bev, more indeed does need to be done, a lot more!

  9. just sleaze. A picture of lucy pinder? i wouldn’t trust some of these numbers.