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Cocaine in London Tap Water

Cocaine in London Tap Water

I was having a wee look at the top 10 search phrases that people used to find my London Is Cool blog last month and I was a wee bit surprised to see that, “cocaine in London tap water” was one of them. It is surprising because it was something that I wasn’t even aware of, yet alone have written about.

The only article that I have ever written that comes remotely close is, London Tap Water Is Poisonous, but I don’t mention that the tap water in this city is laced with cocaine. It has crossed my mind a few times  as to why there are so many high people in London, I guess I now know.

I’m not sure if there are lots of desperate cocaine junkies out there in the world, that are looking to come to London to snort tap water up there noses, in the hope of getting high. I can just imagine the London tourist board saying, “ Hey Come to the Capital of Cool, London and get high for free from the tap water”.

I have heard it rumoured that there is so much cocaine in the drinking water of London that a desalination plant is required, whether that is true or not I’m not too sure. The fact that the London public voted Boris Johnson in as the Mayor of the city, tells me something that there must be some mind altering substances in the water that stops people from thinking clearly.

Whether the London Tap Water is laced with cocaine or not, I don’t really care because I don’t let the stuff pass my lips. It tastes disgusting and it is quite literally poisonous. It only costs a 0.34p for two litres of Scottish mineral water from Sainsbury’s and I will stick with that.

Sometimes in life you have to use your own judgment as to  when and when not to believe what the authorities tell you and when they say that London tap water is safe to drink, I quite frankly don’t believe a word of it.


  1. I live 30 miles from London. Nearby Gillingham is known by the UK police as “brown town” because of the quantity of drugs taken there.
    So I’m worried about the drinking water. Everone I know is suffering from a bad memory. It can take a long while to remember someone’s name. Now we are told that, in a few years, 1 in 3 pensioners will be suffering from dementia. Yet I read that drinking water isn’t tested for narcotic content.
    Cancer is on the increase. I have lymphoma which has no recognised cause. But apparently serving us our drinking water through old lead pipes is nothing to worry about.
    Maybe it’s just as well the world is due to end in 2012!

  2. That must be the reason there are so many high crazy people on the streets of London.

  3. Brian, I think it could well be the tap water … I’m perfeclty sane and I only drink bottled water!

  4. 0.34p? That’s some cheap water..

  5. I agree the tap water in London has a peculiar taste and personally i don’t like it. Is there any way to put to test the tap water for any form of harmful chemicals to the body?

  6. Byron, I’m not sure, but that is something that needs to be looked into. The taste of London tap water is what truly gets me, it is disgusting!