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Christmas Cocktail – London Dry Gin and Cherry Sling

Christmas Cocktail – London Dry Gin and Cherry Sling

Santa Claus will soon be coming down the chimney to deliver presents to all the good boys and girls all around the world. That is unless you ordered something from Argos, then it is more than likely stuck in their delivery depot! Anyway, to help Father Christmas on his merry way I think it would be a good idea to leave him a festive cocktail…hell yes!

And thanks to the host of London Is Cool, me yours truly Willam K Wallace I have undertaken hours of gruelling research testing cocktails to find a recipe that I think Santa would appreciate. It has been tough job, but somebody had to do it and that somebody might as well have been me!

There were a lot contenders, but in the end this years Christmas Cocktail on ‘London Is Cool’, is…wait for it…London Dry Gin and Cherry Sling. Yes indeed, a festive classic! I had to have a dozen of them this week, just to make sure that it was worthy of the great man Santa Claus. HONEST it was research!

London Dry Gin and Cherry Sling


2 Measures London Dry  Gin
1 Measure De Kuyper Cherry Brandy
Top up Soda


Put some crushed ice in the glass. Pour on the Hendricks Gin, followed by the De Kuyper Cherry Brandy. Top up with soda as desired and garnish with a cherry.

The truly awesome thing about the London Dry Gin and Cherry Sling festive cocktail is that you can rustle this up in a couple of minutes. I’m 100% certain that Santa Claus will appreciate the thought…